Bob Kerrey Nebraska US Senate Seat: Welcome to Single Payer Insurance – Vote Deb Fischer

Former Democrat US Senator Bob Kerrey is running for the Senate again in Nebraska to fill the seat former Senator Ben Nelson (D-NE) bowed out of, after he betrayed his constituency with the  “cornhusker kickback” provision in ObamaCare. That really ticked-off people in every state, and awakened us to the lengths Obama was willing to go to get his unconstitutional legislation through Congress. Kerrey says he doesn’t like the ObamaCare mandate and he believes the wealthy are already paying their fair share. Sounds great, doesn’t it? But do you really believe he will carry that position forward should Obama win another four years? He has reportedly lived in New York for as much as the last twelve years, and was not a Nebraska resident when filed for the ballot. Nebraska State Senator Deb Fischer is the Republican candidate. 

Deb Fischer

If Kerrey was half a man, if he really “hates” the mandate, if he really believes in the Constitution, he would say the “mandate” is unconstitutional. Words do matter. He even admits his own insurance firm may drop employee insurance and pay the federal fine, because it is cheaper to do so.

Welcome to single payer healthcare America. We seldom hear “single payer” these days, but that’s the goal – government insurance, a medicare for all with reduced benefits unless we fill the Senate with candidates who respect the Constitution.

Bob Kerrey

I will have a more in-depth profile of Deb Fischer soon, but Republicans MUST have four (4) additional seats in the Senate to make sure we can turn this country around. Believe me, if Kerrey wins, he won’t dislike that mandate nearly as much as he does today, and he won’t give a fig about his insurance company dropping coverage for employees.

Kerrey has a lot of money behind him. All politics are NOT local these days. Every vote Kerrey casts in the US Senate affects me and my family here in Oklahoma, and you and yours wherever you are. If you can donate to Deb Fischer, please do so here.

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  • I will take all the criticism the left has to offer against Americans who defend our nation’s founding principles if for no other reason than Democrats have consistently rejected God, common sense and the idea that individual rights come with individual responsibility.

    Take Sandra Fluke, please as Henny Youngman might say, she stands as the liberal agenda’s prime example of those who believe they have no responsibility in life. The illegal immigrant the Dems featured at their convention has no understanding of rights and responsibilities as well.

    Liberals believe they can do whatever they want and there are no consequences. Intelligent Americans understand with all the freedom and liberty our nation represents we have a responsibility to do the right thing. And that does not include doing whatever we want because we think we can. The responsibility requires us to do what is right along with the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

    In other words, you do not have the right to kill babies because your choices resulted in a pregnancy. You do not have the right to marry someone of the same sex because it fits your preference. You do not have the right to ask taxpayers to fund your likes and reject your dislikes simply because you feel empowered to do so by a Commander-in-Chief who wants to transform America.

    There are rules and there are laws. A civil society requires these things to be successful and survive. To think otherwise is a liberal dream that has no basis in fact.

    Socialism, communism and all forms of government opposed to government by consent of the governed have failed. There is a reason for that. They simply do not work and allow tyranny to be imposed on citizens. A vote for Obama this time around will only further that aim. It is counter-intuitive to the American dream and the principles most of us live by.

  • michigan

    The Dems playbook is to drag out these re-treads from a generation ago and sell them to the base just like when the decrepit, Frank Lautenberg was raised from the crypt when Torricelli sank himself. Democrat voters should be insulted.

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