Ben Maisani’s Eastern Bloc Gay Bar Holds Obama Fundraiser: Male Dancers Wear Obama Undies

A Gay Bar named Eastern Bloc (clever, huh?), owned by Ben Maisani, Anderson Cooper’s lover,  held a fundraiser for Obama. Male dancers wore Obama boxer briefs with Obama’s name placed prominently – somewhere. I don’t know where. One dancer wore an American-Flag-themed thong. Eastern Bloc holds these parties for gay male porn stars when they “are in town from L.A.”

One hundred dollars got you in if you had an invitation. Dancers kept their tips. No word on whether the bar profits went to Obama, as organizers said there could not be an open bar, so that means no drinking or all the drinks were free.

Community Organizers are in charge of Obama grassroots fundraising:

In an instructional video on YouTube, Betsy Hoover, director of online organizing for Obama for America, emphasizes that “personalization is heavily encouraged.”In other words, donors can become creative — sometimes very creative…

Mickey Boardman, editorial director for New York’s independent Paper Magazine, helped to organize the Eastern Bloc fundraiser, which had a modest goal of raising $20,000. By midnight, when the dancers took to the poles, they’d collected more than $10,000. Source Washington Post

Male dancers on the pole? Who knew? I can’t vouch for the undies above. Maybe they were worn at the party and maybe they weren’t. Click on it and read Scotty Starnes story. Visit the bar’s website here – read the warning.

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