As Prof Obama Among Lowest Evaluated: Obamas Boyhood Jakarta Neighborhood Most Exclusive in City

The Examiner is doing a fascinating series on Obama, yet more vetting desperately needed for people who have refused to pay attention since 2007. When Michelle Obama told the DNC and the nation about the struggling boyhood of her husband, it warranted investigation because, after all, Lolo Soetoro, Obama’s step-father worked for a oil company in Indonesia, and The Examiner says the Menteng neighorhood where he grew up was the “most exclusive” in Jakarta. Obama’s mother Ann Dunham, at some point, sent Barry to Honolulu to live with his grandparents. It isn’t clear whether she sent him away before or after she became disenchanted with Lolo’s job in the oil industry, which ended in divorce. While living with his Dunham grandparents, Grandma worked as bank Vice President. And about that professorship he held at Harvard: (see a video below)

Allegedly Obama’s Boyhood Home in Jakarta

The photo above comes from this website – very interesting. Shows the beautiful elementary school Obama attended, his mosque and a photo of the school’s record of Barry Soetoro’s attendance there. I cannot vouch for the website, or the man and woman/girl seen, but the photo does seem to match what is seen in the video.

Fox News:

Of his 12 years as a lecturer at the University of Chicago Law School, Time Magazine said in 2008: “Within a few years he had become a rock star professor with hordes of devoted students.”  But student evaluations obtained by the Examiner tell a different story. In 2003, only a third of students recommended his courses.

“It went steadily down in the last five or six years that he was there. He was among the lowest-ranked professors,” Tapscott said.

Nor did the future president leave any record of scholarly writings, while similarly credentialed colleagues had a prolific presence in law journals.

“He showed up to class, he gave his lectures and he was gone,” Tapscott said.

The Examiner found sharp contrasts between Obama’s memory of his legal work, and the record of it.

In “Dreams From My Father,” he wrote: “In my legal practice, I work mostly with churches and community groups, men and women who quietly built grocery stores and health clinics in the inner city, and housing for the poor.”

But a document filed with the Illinois Secretary of State shows the young lawyer represented some well-heeled clients. In one case, he represented a politically connected preacher and real estate developer, Bishop Arthur Brazier, who had failed to provide heating and running water to 15 apartments in the dead of winter.  Obama’s client had all the tenants forcibly removed from the building, yet paid only a $50 fine under Obama’s legal counsel.

The Examiner (read much more about Obama and Brazier here):

In this case, Obama defended a Chicago slumlord and powerful political ally who was charged with a long list of offenses against poor residents. The defendant was the Woodlawn Preservation & Investment Corp., controlled by Bishop Arthur Brazier, a South Side Chicago preacher and political operator.

Brazier’s burgeoning real estate empire included a low-income housing project at 6223 South University. Today, MapQuest describes the Woodlawn neighborhood as “quaint and sedate.” But in the winter of 1994, it was a frigid hell.

Brazier was closely allied with Obama and his firm, not least because Davis was on WPIC’s Board of Directors. Davis was also the corporation’s registered agent, and he received the court summons when the city filed suit on the South University apartments.

Brazier’s WPIC had failed for nearly a month to supply heat and running water for the complex’s 15 crumbling apartments. On Jan. 18, 1994, the day the heat went off, Chicago’s official high temperature was 11 below zero, the day after it was 19 below.

Even worse, the residents were then ordered to leave the WPIC complex in the winter chill without the due process they would have been afforded by an eviction procedure.

In court documents reviewed by The Washington Examiner, Daniel W. Weil, commissioner of Chicago’s Buildings Department, slammed WPIC for multiple municipal code violations, including “failure to maintain adequate heat,” failure “to provide every family unit with approved heating facilities,” and “failure to provide adequate” supplies of either hot or cold running water.

Obama’s connection to Chicago slum landlords is long and well-documented. In the video, you’ll hear that the “poor” wasn’t a concern for Obama, and he used them to climb his political ladder to power.

If the video disappears or does not play, view it here:

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  • The mans entire life story has been manufactured. It is amazing that he can keep up with so msny lies. It must come naturally to him.

    • Jim, we can’t begin to conceive what we are going to learn once he’s out of office. All the money in the world can’t keep every one in his creepy world quiet.

  • I read an article that stated he n his wife had to turn in their licenses n are not able to practice law anymore?

    • maggie, I have written about Michelle’s license a couple of times. It took awhile to get it figured out. I’ll get it reposted and updated this weekend. I’ve had that on my to-do list for a couple of weeks.

      It makes no sense that either would give up a law license – just no sense at all.

      Thanks for the reminder.

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