Army Officer Poll: 74% Army Headed in Wrong Direction

This internal Army poll of officers was taken last year, and might be even higher today. Seventy-four percent of Officers believe their Army is on the wrong track, and most of the blame goes to political correctness. Put another way, only 26% of Army officers believe the Army is heading in the right direction. Political correctness has everything to do with Muslims. That’s what it’s about. Everyday troops are still dying because Muslims and Muslim leaders know the US will do nothing about our soldiers being cut-down in broad daylight.

With this week’s remarks by General Martin Dempsey, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, it not hard to see that many of these military leaders have either been Obamacized or Islamicized. I think it’s the former.

I doubt there is any active duty soldier who doesn’t know about the author of the book No Easy Day, which releases this Tuesday, September 4. A former Navy SEAL who got off some of the shots that killed bin Laden that night wrote of what really happened. He is being threatened with a lawsuit by the Pentagon, but his attorney says the book is not a complicit leaker. That SEAL was appalled at the classified information released almost immediately by the White House. He tells how bin Laden was shot that night, and it doesn’t match Obama’s grand White House announcement.

There isn’t a single Army soldier, retired or active, that doesn’t know about this Admininistration’s handling of Fort Hood killer, Major Nidal Hasan. Hasan murdered 14 on a Military base, on US soil and still has not been named a terrorist, or what he did an act of terrorism. His trial has been delayed because he refuses to shave a beard, against Army regulations, but in deference to Islam. There’s not a red-blooded US soldier who would not say lose the beard for him and put his rear at the Defense table, now – and then court martial the highest officers who knew Hasan’s Islamist leanings and refused to do anything about it.

Our soldiers know.

— 58 percent cited the Army’s inability to “retain quality leaders.”

— 57 percent cited “a lack of discipline, or the “Army is too soft”

— 53 percent pointed to “Ineffective leaders at senior levels”

— 52 percent said “senior leaders focus on the wrong priorities”

— 46 percent said junior leader promotions/advancements are happening too soon

— 39 percent said “resources/funding or technology are insufficient” Source: Fox News

Here’s how the poll was conducted:

The Annual Survey of Army Leadership, conducted by U.S. Army’s Center for Army Leadership, asked 16,800 commissioned and non-commissioned officers to agree or disagree with the statement: “The Army is headed in the right direction to prepare for the challenges of the next 10 years.”…

Ret. Lt. Colonel Bob Maginnis, a security and foreign affairs analyst, says when it comes to leadership issues, the survey results are positive. But, he added, “What this communicates is that below the surface, there is a lot of tension. A lot of skepticism, and to a certain degree, pessimism.”

Maginnis added that “cultural trends” within the Army such as defense budget cuts, political correctness and a shift in national security strategy have deepened the pessimism of many Army officers.

 “Classified” material is a laugh today. Information is quickly “declassified” if it might be used to make Obama look ‘tougher, as President. “Classified” information has become a joke. Even Military whistleblowers have to be protected, specifically when and if nothing authentically classified has been released.

(Photo by U.S. Army Staff Sgt. Ryan C. Matson, Task Force Red Bulls Public Affairs)

  • Obama putting his political and personal popularity over our soldiers’ safety. Sad. Irks me to no end. But not surprising. Obama & Co have displayed lower than gutter low principles. I would go with cave low.

    Maggie, hope you and yours have a blessed Labor Day Weekend.