Ann Coulter ABC: Question? How Do You Pay Property Taxes When You Own No Property? Pay Payroll Taxes When You Don’t Work?

This ABC panel seems impressed that so many of Romney’s 47%-ers who pay no income taxes, do pay property taxes. Astonishing. What about those poor souls who lost their homes by walking out on mortgages? If you don’t own property, you don’t pay property taxes. If you don’t have a job, and haven’t had one for years (as we hear every day) you don’t pay payroll taxes. Here’s Ann Coulter making the entire panel look as foolish as they are, and  looking forward to the coming debates with Romney “unfiltered.” See Ann’s video below.

Ann Coulter

Ann Coulter Debates ABC Panel and Bloodies Them (video)

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  • W.C. Taqiyya

    Oh I just love Ann Coulter. She is not afraid to say what needs to be said. Poor people suck and they are poor because they are lazy, no-good scumbags. Thanks for clarifying the fact that Obama is the guy who wants to stir up class conflict between the haves and not-haves Miss Ann. What a brave warrior and what a shame it is that more rich people don’t speak to this issue as directly and honestly as our dear friend Ann.

    • W.C. Taquiyya, outside of Ann Coulter, maybe you noticed that she didn’t ask the two questions. I asked them. Do you have an answer for the ABC panel who claims they all pay payroll and property taxes?

      • W.C. Taqiyya

        Not sure what you are asking me to clarify Maggie. I guess if you don’t pay any taxes you neither own anything, work or rent. So, the people who pay no taxes are all dead. Next inane inquiry? It is painfully obvious that Mitt Romney fell into a trap of his own devising when he fueled the class war with those intemperate remarks. The whole class warfare thing was supposed to be Obama’s domain, wasn’t it? Now, you can try to explain it away in a number of creative ways as Miss Coulter did, but the bottom line is that not paying income taxes has now become a magical barrier between ‘good’ Americans who might support Romney and ‘bad’ Americans who probably won’t. It is an idiotic position to take for lots of reasons not the least of which is because many of that 47% consists of retired conservative folks. More idiotic are the people, supposedly conservative, who proclaim their pride at paying federal income taxes. They are the ‘good’ guys it seems. It’s funny because I always thought conservative, if it meant anything, meant paying less to the government, not more. What ever happened to the Taxed Enough Already folks? You know, that whole big government is getting in the way of the people’s freedoms and liberties thing? But now apparently, funding the beast called government is a source of pride for this new and stupid breed of conservative. Maggie dear, being proud to subsidize government is like buying the stake Obama will continue to thrust into the heart of America. And, because Romney and Coulter and many others are confused so badly about conservatism, Obama is certain to win.

        • W.C. Taquiyya, If you rent, you do not pay property taxes. If you do not work, you do not pay property taxes. Explain what is ‘inane’ about that statement. Romney didn’t fuel class warfare. He told the truth. His remark was not intemperate. His remark was truthful.

          What I addressed in the post, and what you are ignoring is that the ABC panel insisted that these 47% do pay taxes through property and payroll taxes. The don’t wash.

          Surely some of the 47%-ers do own property, and some do work, but it’s reasonable to believe that that’s a small percentage, because they ‘pay no taxes.’

          There is no need for me to explain Taxed enough Already. It is well and alive among the people. It is Congress and Executive Orders that have so abused We The People. Romney isn’t in Congress or the White House, so I will support him because he is my only choice, and I will defend his truthful comment – the one you think is so ‘intemperate.’

          • W.C. Taqiyya

            This is so sad. What do you suppose rent money is used for? Does the landlord not pass some of those dollars to the government as property taxes? Of course he does. Thus, renters do pay property taxes, albeit indirectly. Lesson one. Lesson two is that I don’t care what the ABC panel said as individuals or collectively. I pay attention to what matters and what matters is what Romney said. And he said he doesn’t expect 47% of the electorate to vote for him because they don’t pay federal income taxes. As I explained above, that was a very stupid and intemperate and misleading thing to say. You prove my point by confusedly arguing that the 47%, or most of them, don’t pay ANY taxes. That isn’t what he said and it isn’t accurate no matter who did say it.

            My Tea Party question. Yes, I’m quite sure the individuals still exist, as you say. I even know some of them personally. However, my point was more to the fact that those individuals are now mostly silent. Except for a few I see ranting in the blogs. No candlelight marches (my favorite), no vigils, no demonstrations, nothing. Please link us an article where more than two hundred of them gathered together in the same place at the same time in the last few weeks, if you can. Alive and well indeed. Have some more cool aid maybe?

            Taxes. It is surely up to you if you wish to believe that paying federal income taxes is a point of pride. And, if you wish to believe that people who pay that tax are more likely to vote Romney because they do, enjoy yourself. Delusions are still not taxed.

            But, back to the topic of ignoring, why are you afraid to address my question about when it became a conservative point of pride or honor or whatever to pay taxes? I’m laughing so hard at the idea of a Tea Party sympathizer arguing FOR taxation. What’s up with that? Big government is suddenly a good thing?
            Have a sweet day.

  • Those people know exactly what Ann is saying and what Romney meant. They’ve got their head so far up Obama’s backside they have to have a 2×4 tied to theirs to keep from falling in. They will distort everything to get Obama reelected.

    There’s no such thing as an Undocumented Immigrant; only Illegal Immigrants. To call an Illegal Immigrant undocumented is an insult to the millions who came here legally.

    • BobF, I call them illegal migrants. They migrated here unlawfully and avoided the immigration process.

  • dawns early light

    Ann has a adams apple that you usually only see on a pre-op trannie born with the given name of ‘herbert’.

    ‘walking away’ from your mortgage, and into homelessness, to avoid paying taxes is so devious Maggie, the gall of these people! I am glad you astutely busted their ingenious scam..

    We need to take away the votes of all seniors also who sit around all day lving off govt benefits checks. If they want to vote they need to have a job and own property on which they pay the FULL tax – NO MORE SENIOR reduced property taxes for these elderly bums.

    These old takers are waging class warfare on all of us, demanding benefits and not paying the same rates.