And You Support Obama Why?

On February 26, 1993, a truck bomb was detonated below the North Tower of the World Trade Center in New York, NY. The 1,336 lb (606 kg) urea nitrate–hydrogen gas enhanced device was intended to knock the North Tower (Tower One) into the South Tower (Tower Two), bringing both towers down and killing thousands of people. It failed to do so, but it did kill six people and injured more than a thousand. The attack was planned by a group of conspirators including Ramzi Yousef, Mahmud Abouhalima, Mohammad Salameh, Nidal A. Ayyad, Abdul Rahman Yasin and Ahmad Ajaj. They received financing from Khaled Sheikh Mohammed, Yousef’s uncle. In March 1994, four men were convicted of carrying out the bombing: Abouhalima, Ajaj, Ayyad and Salameh. The charges included conspiracy, explosive destruction of property and interstate transportation of explosives. In November 1997, two more were convicted: Ramzi Yousef, the mastermind behind the bombings, and Eyad Ismoil, who drove the truck carrying the bomb.

Today it has become known that the US State Department (Under the leadership of Huma Abedin.) is negotiating with Egypt to Free The Blind Sheik.

The U.S. State Department is currently in negotiations with the Egyptian government for the transfer of custody of Omar Abdel-Rahman, also known as “the Blind Sheikh,” for humanitarian and health reasons, a source close to the the Obama administration told The Blaze.

The negotiations are allegedly part of the ongoing discussions with the Egyptian government to resolve the crisis plaguing the Middle East, the source told The Blaze. Calls to the State Department for comment referred us to the Department of Justice, and nothing has been confirmed.

The Blind Sheikh is serving a life sentence in American prison for his role in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing. His release has been called one of the top priorities of the new Islamist administration in Egypt. Many have pinpointed the cause of last week‘s unrest in Egypt to be protests over the Blind Sheikh’s release– not an anti-Islam YouTube video.

Citing the handling of the current crisis in the Middle East, and how the administration’s explanation that an anti-Islamic video is to blame, Beck warned that the administration may be trying to initiate a “Bubba effect.”

“If this is true, and we believe it to be true,” he explained, “I believe this administration is trying to initiate a ‘Bubba effect.’ That is, the average person turning against the government, collectively…because no one trusts them.”

“No matter how bad a citizen may be behaving, the citizen’s reaction is worse in the Bubba effect. We have to be very careful America…because it’s going to get tougher from here on out.”


We have we heard the line before?:

For humanitarian and health reasons

Oh yes with Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al-Megrahi.  The Mastermind behind the Lockerbie bombing.  It was sworn in court that he had 3 months at the most to live.  He died 3 years later.

Now this time the US government isn’t even going to ask the victims if he should be released.  He will just do it.  That will stop the riots in Egypt.

How about we start to riot here in the US?  If he does.  There is no stopping this traitor is there?  Imagine what he will do if he gets another term?

Ask yourself this:  Can we afford another 4 years of an Obama Regime?


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  • Traitors the whole bunch of them..

  • Sorry, was that to harsh? I said it and I stick by it.. Traitors..

    • No need to apologize. Anger can be directed towards the traitors. We can change this policy.

  • Mason Prescott

    Our sitting President is so corrupt that he practically writes the platform for a reform movement! Thanks for the list.

  • Nolan

    Everyone who voted for Obama should feel betrayed, ashamed and disgusted. Anyone who still trusts, admires and respects Obama is a fool. Here is my political fantasy: I wake up one day soon and hear the news that President Obama has a fatal brain tumor and will soon resign. Praise the Lord!

  • This administrations has been treasonous since the beginning. Our riotinng in the streets is not the answer, in my opinion. That would play into Obama’s hands and give him the excuse, maybe, to declsre martial law. I would not be surprised if Obama loses the election , that he will pardon the blind sheikh before he leaves office.

  • Xavier

    By releasing the Blind Sheik, Barry 1) gets to blame Americans, 2) gets to blame the First Amendment, 3) gets to follow his ideological beliefs, 4) gets to appease the Islamic world, and 5) gets to distract attention from the economy.

    The only question is, before the election or before the inauguration?

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