All Hail The Messiah Who Has Come Anew!!!

For over 4 years I have satirized the Liberal proclamation of Barack Hussein Obama’s status of Messiah in my Book of Obama.  I did not expect that they Liberal establishment of the United States, a group steeped in atheism and hatred of the sacred and religious would ever use religion to promote Barack Hussein Obama.  But they are doing just that.

“For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ. And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light. Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of
righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.”
2 Corinthians 11:13-15

Street vendors across downtown Charlotte are selling posters and artwork depicting President Obama as Jesus Christ and the Democratic
National Convention is expected to feature a stained-glass window backdrop during their meeting.


One poster features an image of the president in prayer with the headline, “Prophecy Fulfilled.”  “Barak is of Hebrew origin and its meaning is ‘flash of lightning,” the poster notes, referencing a passage in in the Old Testament book of Judges.

Hussein, they allege, is a Biblical word meaning “good and handsome.” “So you see, Barak was destined to be a good and handsome man that would rise like a flash of lightning to win victory in a battle against overwhelming odds,” the poster read.

The posters were being sold outside security zones at the Democratic National Convention. The posters are not sanctioned by the DNC.  An Obama calendar, obtained by Fox News, features two religious images of the Commander-in-Chief. The month of August includes a photograph of Obama’s birth certificate with the words “Heaven sent.” The president was born on Aug. 4th.

The entry also includes a photograph of Obama along with a passage of Scripture from the New Testament.  “For God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life,” the entry read — referencing John 3:16.

The month of November includes an image of individuals with their hands on Obama’s back — with the words “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall
not want.”

Fox News also obtained a photograph of a DNC stage design. It resembled a giant stained glass window. It’s unclear what the imagery will be used for.

The comparisons to Jesus Christ have brought strong condemnation from some evangelicals — including Robert Jeffress, pastor of the First
Baptist Church in Dallas, TX.  “If Barack Obama is the promised Messiah, I think there are going to be many Christians who are profoundly disappointed,” Jeffress told Fox News. “One only has to look at Obama’s record to understand that he is absolutely, positively not the promised One.” source – Fox News


How fitting for a convention that has removed the name of G-d has been removed from the DNC platform, or that Jerusalem is no longer the Capital of Israel, or that a very radical Imam gave the Blessing over yesterday’s session.  An Imam who calls for the death of all Jews and Shar’ia Law to be the governing law over the United States.

I can assure my readers that Barack Hussein Obama is NOT the Messiah.  He can now be called the  Meschuge. (Yiddish for crazy.)

I think in reply to this blasphemy we G-d fearing people should reply with this:

יִהְיוּ-יָמָיו מְעַטִּים;    פְּקֻדָּתוֹ, יִקַּח אַחֵר.
Let his days be few;  Let another take his office.

— Psalm 109:8 

  • I just remember the prophecies that in the last days, there would false Messiahs. This article reminded me of that Maggie.
    I haven’t read scripture.. Just briefly when I was a kid.. But a phrase popped into my head when I saw that the Democrats were pulling from their convention the name of God..
    “When God isn’t welcome, the Devil stands” I truly believe that the thought pattern of the Liberals is Evil. Like the Devil, He’s pleasing to behold, but his word and his way is corruption.
    Holy cow where did that all come from? :O

  • The Bible states … “A wise man’s heart turns him toward his right, but a fool’s heart toward his left.”

    Enough said.

  • M E

    Maggie, here’s another quote from Psalms you can add:
    “If I forget you Jerusalem, may my right hand lose its dexterity. Let my tongue cleave to my palate were I not to remember you.” (137:5-6)

    And that’s just for throwing Jerusalem “under the bus”! How much more so when you jettison God!!

    First paragraph of the article..
    “Tonight, the Democratic National Committee suspended the rules of the convention and inserted language regarding God and the State of Israel back to its platform. They had to vote three times to do it – and they had to lie to deem it passed, even though it was clear that the measure did not pass a voice vote in the chamber. The original 2012 Democratic Party platform had excised all mention of God and Jerusalem as the capital of the State of Israel.”

    • This is Obama’s position, the position of the Democratic Party, the position of the left. It is in their hearts.

      • I agree findalis.. but they’re going to try and pull the wool over the stupid who are vote in their party. We who use our brains know better.. Did you also see that they’re numbers are way down on who are actually watching this crap? lol