About Those Polls: Try a Simple Thought Experiment

Here’s the teaser of a CBS News/New York Times Presidential Poll – actually published, it was! The story is here. You want to read it.

  • I knew they were skewing the pols, but I had no idea how blatant they were doing it.
    Don’t the networks, have to show that they are serving the public in an honest way, every so often to renew their licences? Is this serving the public honestly? I don’t know.. it’s early morning and my brain ain’t functioning.. I need a shower.

  • Wait, as I prepair to shower, a thought occurred in my foggy mind..
    If Democrat voters think O has it in the bag, and they feel extra lazy on the first Tuesday of November, do you think they might just stay home and not vote.. because O will win with or without their vote?
    Ok.. I’m showering..

  • An alinsky tactic that just may backfire on them.