A Sunday Morning Chat About the Religion of Pieces – A Political Ideology Indistinguishable from Nazism

The first thing to say is that Islam has nothing to do with “religion.” Islam has everything to do with the power of Muslim men. The “worship” part of Islam is forced on the people by those who run the government. The people are forced to pray, the women are forced to hide and submit to male relatives if that’s what the male relative wants. The people are forced to (and proud to) yell Allahu Akbar when they murder infidels (that’s you and your children). The people are told that Islam will dominate the world. If they don’t obey and don’t believe it, they die. It is a totalitarian, brutal government, as brutal as Nazism, but much longer lived because the free world eventually smashed the Nazis. In those days, there weren’t enough Leftists to stop it, although they tried.

For information on the Ryan quote above, read this article.

Pat Condell: The Religion of Permanent Offense


Hillary Clinton Invites Islamic UN Nations to Discuss Intolerance – Ours, Not Theirs

Clinton is concerned about Islamic Culture, but not because it is brutal, and the men she hosts in the OIC treat women like goats, but because you and I might be intolerant enough to talk about those goats. As we have seen all too clearly this week, when Clinton immediately and hotly blamed an American for the Benghazi murders, she has no tolerance for us. She could have easily given Obama’s Cairo apology speech. She wouldn’t have needed a teleprompter. Clinton is out to take care of the entire Muslim world and particularly those walking the halls of the UN building, minus the women and girls (and the little boys and the goats).

If we had a President, a State Department and a Department of Defense worth a fig, they would have a deadly statement on television and everywhere in print and online: “touch the hair of one of those you are threatening and we will blow away any village you have ever set foot in. We will kill everyone connected to you, and then we’ll find you buried in your spider hole, haul you out, show you to the world before and after you die.

A better way is to do away with a couple of those villages, and then issue the official statement. The time has come for Muslims to take down their ungodly, hate-mongering, cowardly leaders. Only the people can do it. Maybe that’s the next step – the family is gone and all their neighbors, plus two more nearby villages, and then maybe neighboring towns will hunt down these men who believe they are all-powerful, and slit them from end to end for bringing such misery on them for their entire lives.

However many die in those villages, millions and millions more will live a more peaceful life after the continuing wrath of Americans protecting Free Speech, for all Americans. The world has to do something about these people. We don’t have time to wait for Obama to exit. We don’t have a Secretary of State who believes our First Amendment is the best way. She believes there is merit in the views of other’s advocating for limits on Free Speech. She is the US Secretary of State. To utter such words is loathsome. We have Military brass sworn to protect the Constitution who have defected from that oath. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff called the filmmaker, personally. Can you imagine! This Iman needs to be dead tonight.

You can argue about the morality of wiping out entire sections of those wanting to control the world, but you cannot reasonably argue that doing so, as often as necessary, will mean many fewer Americans dead and maimed.

What if: What If america’s Response to 9/11/01 Had Been a Total Response?

What if President Bush’s response to 9/11/01 had been a righteous and total response? Where would America be today? What if…within just a years after September 11, 2001 America had tamped-down the Koran in major way? What if, just shortly after 9/11/01, we had done this:

A great hole was dug in the middle of Karachi when three more of the missiles, launched consecutively by the submarine, were targeted on the Pakistani intelligence headquarters. Stealth bombers also reduced to glass Pakistan’s nuclear fuel processing plants and much of its nuclear weapons arsenal. Pakistan subsequently descended into an anarchy which continues to this day. India’s military has turned back hundreds of thousands of Pakistanis looking for refuge in India, often having to fire on crazed mobs. It is thought that all of bin Laden’s lieutenants, including the hierarchy of the Taliban, perished in the Afghan blast, because nothing has been heard from bin Laden, Al Qaeda or the Taliban since then.

On the same day, Kabul, capital of Afghanistan and held by the Taliban, was similarly razed.

How Obama Radicalized the Middle East: Favored Islamists Over Secularists – The Timeline 

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  • Maggie, I am going to have to disagree with you a bit on this one. There are peaceful Muslims and Islamic fascists. Since there are peaceful Muslims I believe Islam can be worshiped in a fashion which doesn’t threaten other religions, atheists and our way of life. The question is Have these Islamofascists perverted Islam or are they following the true Islam? To be honest I go back and forth on whether the answer is Islamists are distorting Islam or following it to a T. I agree with you that the Muslims who are violent and intolerant are a threat to our way of life. I guess what I’m saying is I’m not sure that if Islam was being worshiped in its purest or original form from years ago that it would be just as dangerous as Nazism. I agree that the Islamofscists of today pose at least as much a threat as Nazism did during the time of Hitler. Peter Kreeft and Robert Spencer debated on whether the only good Muslim is a bad Muslim – http://catholibertarian.com/2011/12/05/is-the-only-good-muslim-a-bad-muslim/

    But I do tend to think that the way Islam is promulgated today Islam is perverted, not peaceful, much like Nazism, and that a good Muslim must be a bad Muslim when it comes to his/her Islamic beliefs.

    God Bless my friend.

    • Hi Teresa, I’m responding to our 9/30/12 comment on my Sunday Morning chat on the Religion of Pieces. I’m so sorry. I got another comment this morning, came here and see that I missed your very thoughtful discussion. I understand what you are saying. I’ve become quite hardened about, and I admit it. They have a Holy Book which they follow. The Hadiths are considered important and revered. Their prophet is nothing like the prophets we know. I’ll leave it at that for this morning. I acknowledge that many Muslims are good people and live normal lives in the West, but for some reason they stay with a religion/government that does what it does to women and children. There is no freedom for anyone under Islam. I’m sick of trying to help people in these countries be free. They should leave their religion. There is not one Islamic-dominate country where a Muslim can live with any real measure of freedom.

      I’ll visit your link as soon as I can. Again, I didn’t intend to ignore your comment. I just didn’t know it was here. Sending blessings right back to you.

      • No problem Maggie. I totally understand. Its so easy to let a comment slip by. Having to deal with my endometriosis before having my hysterectomy in late Sept. and afterward I’ve let a few comments slip by where I didn’t respond. God Bless.

  • I am not confused or a misunderstander of Islam. To be brief, counter jihadists are many in number but need to be better organized to win the political and legal battle against Islam (in the USA) before the battle becomes a bloody civil war. Cowards will not defeat Islam politically, legally or otherwise. Organize or surrender…….vin5ron@yahoo.com

  • bill coleman, I don’t know how to organize other than in the voting booth and getting information out. I believe it can also be done from the Pulpit, but yes, pastors are cowards. What are your ideas about how to do so?