A Reminder of Who Israel Is, What They Have Done In The Past, What They Are Capable Of Today

We know about Stuxnet and it’s stealth mission to slow Iran’s nuclear capability. Alan Caruba brings us up-to-date on where Israel defense capabilities are today.

Snippets (read the comprehensive article here):

Open sources of information about Israel’s capabilities reveal some surprising and encouraging facts, not the least of which has been the support Israel has received and is likely to receive from many nations when the attack on Iran occurs…

In its 2007 destruction of a suspected nuclear site at al-Kibar, the Syrian military were taken by surprise when Israeli planes “spoofed” its air defense radars, at first making it appear there were no jets in the sky and then making the radar believe the sky was filled with hundreds of airplanes.

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  • Going to Entebbe and back was a greater distance than going to Iran and back.



    Israel is a parasite state that has spied on the USA, stolen our tech, placed its puppet AIPAC bribed shills into our govt, sent our sons to die for israels wars instead of its own sons..
    and has consumed TRILLIONS in american tax dollars, Israel provides its own citizens with free, universal health care payed for by american taxpayers while the american taxpayers are required to buy paper policies from Jewish controlled Health Care actuaries who specialize in not paying medical bills you send them and denying your illness is covered..

    that is just a small part of what the Israelis are.. they machine gunned our troops in the water off the coast of israel on the USS Liberty for HOURS, all the while a giant american flag was flying atop the ship as the israeli planes repeated straffed our soldiers in lifeboats attempting to survive..

    They are very cruel, self interested, deceptive, and will do anything to serve their own racial group. Israel is a giant parasite that threatens those it can, and bribes those its has to.

  • beyonce-black and conservative

    thank you USS Liberty.

    It is hard with all the media spin these days by all these global news outlets that are all owned by Jewish people to get the truth anymore, and clearly Israel has only one team and that is Team Israel.

    Everyone else is seen and used like a meatpuppet by them or a source of money to scam. These are khazars, not the lords people