2012 The Democratic National Convention Speakers List: A Who’s Who Of Extremists

4 years ago the Democrats had a convention that tried to convince the American people that their party was one of inclusiveness.  Their speakers were moderates, Blue Dogs, pro-life, and not a liberal, not a progressive in sight.  Today it is opposite.  Today some of the most extreme liberals and progressives the party has will speak.  They will bash Mitt Romney as a rich man who hates people.  They will praise Barack Hussein Obama as the second Coming.  They will tell the American people that government knows what’s best and will tell you what is best for your life too.  But will they succeed?


By Susan Duclos


Next week is the 2012 Democratic National Convention and they have provided a list of speakers, which includes the President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund and Ms. Sandra “taxpayers should pay for college student’s birth control pills” Fluke.

Note– Going through the list and adding links to controversial statements, unfavorable ratings, scandals and disagreements with Obama’s attacks against Romney by some of the very speakers listed, and those that voted for Obamacare, it is apparent that while the GOP 2012 Convention highlighted diversity in the party and while appealing to their base, they also made sure to be inclusive, to make their case to those undecided voters, centrists, moderates, conservative Democrats and

The Democratic list is a who’s who of far far left liberal extremists who have often alienated undecided voters un-apologetically.

Obviously Democrats have decided they need to rally their base because of the enthusiasm gap that favors Republicans heading into the November elections, without a care to appealing to moderates, undecideds, centrists and Independents.

Speaker list:

Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin of Wisconsin

Congressman Xavier Becerra of California (Voted for Obamacare)

Newark Mayor Cory Booker- (Publicly criticized Barack Obama’s attacks on Mitt Romney’s private equity experience)

Congressman G.K. Butterfield of North Carolina (Voted for Obamacare)

Former President Jimmy Carter (via video)– (Carter was ranked by Newsweek/Daily Beast in the voter’s list of 10 worst presidents- but ranked above Obama)

San Antonio Mayor Julian Castro, who will be the first Latino keynote speaker at a Democratic National Convention

Rhode Island Governor Lincoln Chafee

Congresswoman Judy Chu of California (Voted for Obamacare)

Congressman Emanuel Cleaver of Missouri (Voted for Obamacare)

Former President Bill Clinton

Congressman James Clyburn of South Carolina (Voted for Obamacare)

Former Republican Governor of Florida Charlie Crist

Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina Walter Dalton

The Honorable Arne Duncan

Congresswoman Diana DeGette of Colorado (Voted for Obamacare)

Former Assistant Secretary, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs Tammy Duckworth

U.S. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois (Told a room full of illegal aliens that he could be looking at the a future “president” -Note- Only natural born citizens can become president)

Congresswoman Donna Edwards of Maryland (Voted for Obamacare)

Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel (Recently ticked off Chicago Church leaders by vowing to block Chick-Fil-A from building in his hometown by saying “Chick-fil-A’s values are not Chicago’s values.”)

Georgetown Law School Graduate Sandra Fluke- (Told an unofficial congressional hearing “Without insurance coverage, contraception, as you know, can cost a woman over $3,000 during law school.)

Charlotte Mayor Anthony Foxx

Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts- (Riddled with scandals and more recently decided to joke about the Trayvon Martin shooting)

Former Charlotte Mayor Harvey Gantt

Former Michigan Governor Jennifer Granholm

Congressman Charlie Gonzalez of Texas (Voted for Obamacare)

U.S. Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina

California Attorney General Kamala D. Harris

Colorado Governor John Hickenlooper

Congressman Steny Hoyer of Maryland- (Voted for Obamacare)

Former Governor of North Carolina Jim Hunt

DCCC Chairman Congressman Steve Israel of New York- (Voted for Obamacare)

Montana State Superintendent of Public Instruction Denise Juneau

Former Virginia Governor Tim Kaine

Lieutenant General Claudia Kennedy (ret.)

Congressman John Larson of Connecticut- (Voted for Obamacare)

Congresswoman Barbara Lee of California- (Voted for Obamacare)

Congressman John Lewis of Georgia- (Voted for Obamacare)

CarMax co-founder and former CEO Austin Ligon

President of NARAL Pro-Choice America Nancy Keenan

Caroline Kennedy

U.S. Senator John Kerry of Massachusetts- (Voted for Obamacare)

Women’s rights activist Lilly Ledbetter

Obama Campaign Co-Chair Eva Longoria

Connecticut Governor Dannel Malloy

Delaware Governor Jack Markell

Boston Mayor Tom Menino

The Honorable Karen Mills

U.S. Senator Patty Murray of Washington- (Voted for Obamacare)

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter

U.S. Senator Barbara Mikulski of Maryland, together with the women of the U.S. Senate- (Voted for Obamacare)

Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley

Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick (Also aims for Romney, but hits Obama on Bain attacks)

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi- (Pelosi ranked least-liked congressional leader)

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi will also lead a presentation of the women of the House:-

Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro of Connecticut- (Voted for Obamacare)

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney of New York- (Voted for Obamacare)

Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez of New York- (Voted for Obamacare)

Congresswoman Gwen Moore of Wisconsin- (Voted for Obamacare)

Congresswoman Allyson Schwartz of Pennsylvania– (Voted for Obamacare)

Congresswoman Donna Edwards of Maryland- (Voted for Obamacare)

Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives Joyce Beatty of Ohio

Candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii

California Assembly Speaker John A. Pérez

Congressman Jared Polis of Colorado- (Voted for Obamacare)

Congressman David Price of North Carolina- (Voted for Obamacare)

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid of Nevada (Second most unpopular congressional leader, after Pelosi)- (Voted for Obamacare)

President of Planned Parenthood Action Fund Cecile Richards- (Planned parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the United States)

Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak

The Honorable Ken Salazar

Journalist Cristina Saralegui

U.S. Senator Charles Schumer of New York- (Voted for Obamacare)

Montana Governor Brian Schweitzer

The Honorable Kathleen Sebelius- (Leading the assault on Religious Freedom- HHS Mandate)

Costco co-founder and former CEO Jim Sinegal

Former Ohio Governor Ted Strickland

Congressman Chris Van Hollen- (Voted for Obamacare)

Los Angeles Mayor, Democratic Convention Chair Antonio Villaraigosa

The Honorable Tom Vilsack

Senate candidate from Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren (Suffered her own “heritage” controversy recently and is trailing Scott Brown in the Massachusetts Senate race.)

DNC Chair Congresswoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz of Florida- (Ranked most unpopular Obama reelection campaign surrogate.)

Congressman Mel Watt of North Carolina- (Voted for Obamacare)


The perfect Convention for Liberals, scripted by liberals,  produced by the Obama Regime with the help of the Hollywood elite.  The MSM especially MSNBC will praise every speaker, every speech as a masterpiece.  But will the American people buy it?  I hope not.

Let his days be few, let another take his office.  —  Psalm 109: 8


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  • I notice many of these extremist have in parenthesis “voted for Obamacare”. I am assuming that is the defining factor in the extremism as it should be. However, that makes many Republican extremist too like Mitt Romney when you look at the history of the bill which was originally penned by the Heritage Foundation and the GOP as the alternative to Hillarycare in 1994, and soon became Massachusetts’ nightmare when Romney signed it into law. The truth about the healthcare takeover in the United States is a sad truth.

    • BB, I hope and I believe that this is a different day, a different time and a wholly new age in politics. I don’t like a lot of Romney’s past, but I do believe that politicians and businessmen/women can learn and change. As I’ve said before, we went many years without We the People caring, or speaking out or paying attention to the Constitution. Those days are past. I hope Romney-Ryan fulfill the promises they have made. At this point there is no other solution. I believe they will do it. I believe no Republican Governor would institute a RomneyCare today, as they did back then and I believe that few Republicans would vote for another TARP. This is not yesterday.

      Now the job is to elected them and get Conservatives into the Senate.

  • findalis and Susan, great list. Thanks so much.

  • Ann Maddalon

    What is this going to be? The nights of one minute speeches? Barney Frank?, the one that contributed to our ongoing recession. No one seems to remember the democratic take-over of the House & Senate during the last two years of the Bush administration….or should I say the take-down of the Bush administration. I’m surprised they haven’t called Senator Dodd to speak….another snake who brought down the country. I’m sure he’s enjoying his little cottage in Ireland! Every time the President blames Bush, all you have to do is look at the Democrats who were in charge of Congress. They were truly to blame.

    I am voting for a man who loves our country, no doubt in my mind, Mitt Romney. This is America’s last chance. Sink or swim, it’s your choice.

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  • many conservatives are saying they won’t waste their time watching the DNC. I, on the other hand, will be looking forward to hearing how they intend to grow the economy and create jobs with their botto-up economics. I never got a job from a poor person. This ought to be fun to watch.

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