Video Mitt Romney Introduction: If You Missed It, You Should See It: No Hotdogging It – No Pillars No Smoke No Indonesia

The claims of Mitt Romney being unapproachable, stiff, doesn’t care about people, a murderer, a job-snatcher, ridiculous. As hubby says, “if you have an emotional connection to Barack Obama, something’s wrong with you,” or as Clint Eastwood said while he was winding-up to the “Eastwooding” of Obama: “it’s just that the conservative people, by the nature of the word itself, play it a little close to the vest…they don’t go around hotdogging it…. (no Greek Temple, no smoke, no memories of Indonesia).

I love his son saying “we felt like we were the most important thing in our Dad’s life,” and “we went to Mom if we needed money. We never went to Dad. He was way too cheap.” Then he demonstrates just how cheap “Dad” was.

Amazing how much personal video, going back years, this family has.

Mitt Romney RNC Introduction (Video)

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  • Last night we were discussing the charge that Romney was “wooden.” I see it completely differently. We have become so dumbed down that unless we have an entertainer or someone like Obama and his “shuck and jive” delivery, we call it wooden. No – what we’re seeing is an adult acting like an adult.

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  • I’m just enjoying, seeing how the Libs, the leftwing press, and even Hollywood is just stirred up like hornets over the burning truth delivered over the past few days.. I saw that one guy on youtube who commented on a video of Mitt’s speech at the RNC, said “Mitt doesn’t relate to blacks” I just couldn’t belive that statement.. I came back with “Is the the best you can come up with, you hack?” Guess he didn’t really listen to Mitt, or any of the others who came before him.. I’m so sick of this lame argument and we all need to take it to them. We really have to win this…

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