US Military Threatens Navy SEAL: Islamic Terrorists Threaten Navy SEAL With Death: Nidal Hasan Lolls

In an unbelievable move, Fox News published the name of one of the first Navy SEALS through Osama bin Laden’s bedroom door the night bin Laden died. The Fox report says “multiple sources told Fox News” the SEAL’s real name. Then they put it in print. Whether they were the first or not, they should have not indulged in this exercise of a possible fatal betrayal of a man who obviously did not want his name released. The US Military is promising legal action, after standing by silent, as the Obama administration told details that should have never been told, immediately after the raid. I doubt so many SEALs would be talking, had their Commander-in-Chief kept his mouth shut. Today, there are reports of an al-Qaeda site or sites putting the SEAL’s name, a photograph of some kind, and his age on their Islamist website, calling for his death.

I Own the World and I’m a Man, I’m 41:

(NBC NEWS) Users on several militant Islamic websites affiliated with al-Qaida have posted the name and photo of a former Navy SEAL identified as the author of an upcoming book on the commando raid that killed Osama bin Laden. The posts called for his “destruction” in revenge for the al-Qaida founder’s killing.

Among the website publishing the death threats was the “Al-Fidaa” web forum, which al-Qaida uses to distribute its media and public communications, said Evan Kohlmann, an NBC News consultant and a terrorism analyst at Flashpoint Partners, a global security firm.

The SEAL named has written the book, No Easy Day under the pseudonym Mark Owen. He is now retired, but the US Military seems to be threatening him and others like him who publish without Pentagon approval. There are no criticisms against the Obama administration for his lying, leaking, Marxist Cabinet members and unelected bureaucrats (Obama appointees) who made it possible to track down some of the SEAL Team 6 mission members:

An official al Qaeda website on Friday posted a photograph and the name of the former Navy commando responsible for the book, calling him “the dog who murdered the martyr Sheikh Osama bin Laden.”

The head of U.S. Special Operations Command told current and former troops that the military would take legal action against anyone found to have exposed sensitive information that could cause harm to fellow forces.

“We will pursue every option available to hold members accountable, including criminal prosecution where appropriate,” Admiral Bill McRaven wrote in an open, unclassified letter emailed to the active-duty special operations community, and obtained by Reuters on Friday.

“As current or former members of our special operations community, authors have a moral obligation, and a legal duty, to submit their works for pre-publication security review,” the admiral wrote. Source: Reuters

After the SEAL’s name was published numerous places, Reuters would not print the name, but confirmed the name put in print by others, saying they were concerned for his safety. How insane is that?

What can we expect from Military brass when they has stood by and refused to admit that Fort Hood gunman Nidal Hasan is a terrorist, an Islamist and was allowed to get away with murder because they ignored the multiple Officers report’s on Hasan’s Islamist mindset and did nothing? Now we are allowing courtroom delays-after-delay because Hasan wants to wear a beard for religious purposes in the courtroom, where he is on trial for the murders of 13 Military and civilians (actually 14, a victim was pregnant)?  Hasan continues to receive full pay and benefits, while breaking Military rules against facial hair – and if there are exceptions for religious purposes, know that he was clean-shaven as a physician in the Military. Slap on the straight-jacket, get out the razor, do the job, plop his Islamist rear in the wheelchair and get on with it.

The book is No Easy Day by Mark Owen. Release date September 11, 2012. I’ve pre-ordered my Kindle copy.

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  • They put this man and his family at risk. I hope they’re proud of themselves.

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  • Geo

    I’m not thrilled that any responsible news agency would publish his personal information and/or a picture. This guy has put a big target right on his own back and is going to draw some fire. None of his published information was screened by DOD or the CIA and from what I understand he is still on active duty. But even if he weren’t [still active duty] he is about to get hammered for publishing classified information.

    • Geo, I thought he was retired. I’ll double check that. I think that the situation is so unusual under Obama that our Warriors are losing it. They want their story told, because the truth isn’t coming from the WH, the Pentagon or their own leaders.

      I think the handling of Ft. Hood started it all. If they hammer him, shame on them, because it is the WH that leaked the classified info.

      • Geo

        Maggie, you may be right, he may have just recently retired. I’d be interested in knowing myself. I tried to find out and couldn’t. Even if he were retired, he would still be subjected to the “screening” by the DOD and CIA to make sure he wasn’t releasing classified material.

        obama just by “saying so” can declassify anything he wants. The SEALS, SOCOM and the OPSEC guys are not playing on a “level playing field” here. They are at a severe disadvantage.

        There were such a limited amount of operatives on that mission, his identity was bound to be revealed by a official investigation. Everyone would’ve been questioned about it. I wouldn’t expect Fox to do it though.

        I’m hoping for the very best, for their sake.

  • Maggie,
    This “Owen” character clearly lacks something important upstairs. I agree with the vets and active duty who repudiate this jerk.

  • David

    If Obama wants to take all of the credit for that mission then naturally they should give him all of the responsibility. Sad to say that even the radical Islamists know the truth about him and his “Commanding” role in all of that. By the way his extreme weakness in these issues only encourages those radicals. Any media outlet and anyone else (elected official or otherwise) that said or printed the names of any of the Seals who were on orders to carry out that mission should be held accountable to the full extend of the law. It’s outrageous that any of these Seals were auctioned off for votes and ratings. How is it that Bill Ayers is now help up as a respected and honored member of society while these Seals are being grossly exploited and even persecuted from all sides? Shameful and disgusting.

  • GoneWithTheWind

    Jerk, hero or someone who thinks that American needs to know the truth? Everyone has an opinion without reading the book. Lets see if he reveals secrets that put our military at risk (as Obama did) or if he merely sets the record straight without releasing any unknown classified material. I for one am not willing to discredit this guy until I know the facts.

    • “Everyone has an opinion without reading the book.”

      It’s not about “revealing secrets,” is it? Suppose someone writes a biography of you – without your permission yet “without revealing secrets.” Get the point?

      • GoneWithTheWind

        So you haven’t read the book but you know it is a biography about someone else!!! Can you tell me what the lottery number will be?

  • I won’t discredit him whatever is in the book. He has lived what we never have, and once upon a time before Obama and before Military brass betrayed their own men, there was a code of honor. The new code of honor needs to smashed and nuked, and then we can go back to what “vets” understood that code of honor to be.

    I don’t know what’s in the book. I am very disturbed by the criticism among the higher echelon. They should “stfu” until it’s out, because it is coming out. He has been indicted, had a target put on his back and that of his family. Where is the honor? It’s not in the Pentagon.

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