Tulsa: 111 Degrees – Butterflies Don’t Mind: Baghdad Iraq the Only Place Hotter Than Tulsa Today

I heard our local KRMG radio station say that today, the only place as hot as Tulsa was Baghdad, Iraq. Don’t know if that’s true, but it’s not hard to believe. Nevertheless, hubby and I had a glass of wine on the patio before dinner (building bone, don’t cha know) – no, we didn’t stay long, but while we where out there, butterflies were feasting on a pot of lantana. Our yard is full of butterflies, while we are struggling to keep the potted plants alive. We have a beautiful, large black and white butterfly that flies so fast and never seems to light anywhere. So far, I haven’t gotten a pic of him/her. My camera isn’t the greatest, especially the zoom feature, but here is one pretty that loves the lantana that shares its same, vibrant color. It’s 9 pm CDT this minute and it’s 108 degrees!

My large pot of Rosemary is loving the heat

Barrel of Basil Surviving Well

  • OMGosh! When it hits 90 degrees here we wither. Oh course, we don’t have air conditioning. I remember my days in Phoenix when it would hit 117. Not nice!

  • Ashlyn Ferguson

    Beautiful! I love on the second photo of the butterfly were the details of her antenna were very clear.

  • The hot and dry weather here in the D.C. area has also brought us a “bumper crop” of gorgeous butterflies. They’re all around the local swimming pools as they search for water.