The SOB Coolness Factor: Nominations Needed

Very discouraged today when I stopped by I’m a Man, I’m 41 to see new entries for The Coolest SOB for 2013. The first two nominations from a few weeks ago were there, are still there and are there all by their lonesome, because no one has nominated anyone else. Today I made my nominations (plural – not sure if that’s legal, but…) and can think of so many more I admire and want to nominate.

Click it to nominate the 2012 Coolest SOBs

Readers, if you have a favorite blogger, and you think they have the SOB Coolness factor (meant in the finest possible sense), please stop by and drop their name or names in comments. If you see their name already there, go ahead and add it anyway. BC, who is the man who’s 41, might tell us we can’t do that, but until then, let’s just jump in and get some nominations underway. When the voting begins, we can vote multiple times, for multiple persons.

If you are a blogger and can’t get someone else to nominate you, and you won’t nominate a blogging friend, you just don’t have the SOB coolness factor. Your bad. Join the fun and get the names of good conservative blogs out into the ether. It’s why we’re blogging isn’t it? To get critical information to The People?

I won a 2012 nomination and garnered a few votes, while off the computer completely for over two months, without an opportunity to promote my own blog. I thank each and every one of the 7 who voted for me. I’m quite proud of it and have my 2012 nomination icon in my left-hand sidebar.

So click the icon above to make your nominations and keep checking back so you can help promote your favorites, or visit Coolest SOB in the Conservative Blogosphere here.

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