Taylor Swift Country Darling Goes All Kennedy – Buys Mansion Across Street from K-Compound

I watched Miley Cyrus grow up and become anything but a role model, of which being one originally, propelled her to fame. Now Taylor Swift has gone all-Democrat, even though she occupies every country music stage in the spotlight. So.out.of.character for a country darlin.’ She’s been dating Conor Kennedy and this article says she just bought an ocean front estate across the street from the Kennedy Compound.

Taylor Swift, Conor Kennedy

Conor is the son of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and Mary Kennedy who recently committed suicide on May 16, 2012. RFK, Jr. divorced her two years earlier. Even after hanging herself, she couldn’t get away from the Clan. They buried the poor woman within the Kennedy burial grounds.

Oh, but wait…then they dug her up and moved her 700 feet away to a “lonely hilltop” where no one else abides. RFK divorced her two years earlier but then refused to let her siblings handle her burial. Taylor Swift is reportedly trying to help Conor handle the death of his Mother.

Taylor Swift

Ms. Swift is 22 years old. Conor is 18. Women living in and around Kennedy men age early. What’s wrong with Josh Groban? Or surely there is a conservative Ryan Gosling out there somewhere.

Photo Credit: AP

  • Hanging out with the Kennedys? I can’t imagine in what manner they have been entertaining this lovely young lady.

  • I hope she’s driving an armored Humvee if she ever wanders home late, there’s likely to be drunken Kennedys lurking in her shrubs!

  • I know Patricia O’Connell and knew her husband Joe. Joe lived next door to the Kennedy’s.. He had nothing good to say about that whole crew… Patricia was the only daughter of Alfred Hitchkock.. and they were clients of mine back in the 80s and 90s… I drove her to Sacramento from Tahoe to an airport there back in the late 90s. Man what a thrill to know her.

  • Come on … give Taylor a break. She’s young, she’ll learn. Up to now she’s been pretty level headed and a very nice girl.

  • All of Swift’s songs sound winny and alike – just different words. After a while her same kinda songs get boring. With the money she makes don’t guess it matters, whatever!