Tampa GOP Elitist Coup to Change Rules – Banish Grassroots?

I don’t have a lot of background on this depressing story, but will lead you to what I have. It seems the GOP is attempting to change the rules of how delegates work within the party, which includes allowing the presumptive presidential nominee to replace delegates elected by the states.  Three points are laid out: (See important UPDATE below giving the phone numbers of all state GOP headquarters and demand an end to this outrage, leave the rules like they are and get on with strengthening the Party Platform)

ANOTHER UPDATE 8-27-12 10:40 pm: Michelle Malkin is following this minute-by-minute.  Scroll way down and you’ll see that what I believe is my No. 3 below is Rule 12 – which allows the RNC to make changes between convention dates without any input with grassroots delegates. Malkin says if Rule 12 stays in place, te rule must not pass. I second that emotion.

ANOTHER UPDATE 8-27-12 10:20 pm: The Houston Chronicle says that a floor fight has been avoided, and there has been a compromise late today – nevermind that the Convention was gaveled down. The state of Texas was instrumental in, at least knock down allowing the presidential nominee to replace and choose what delegates are chosen. The resolution of Nos. 1 and 3 below is not yet clear (to me).

Tampa Republican National Convention

1) Delegates will be bound to vote in proportion to the popular vote regardless of any other considerations.

2) The presumed nominee or his agents will be able to remove or replace delegates from state conventions at will.

3) The members of the RNC may, at any time between conventions change any of the party rules by a 3/4 vote.

The three points come from an open letter written by David Nalle, a Libertarian. I have little background on him. I do not know if this has anything to do with Ron Paul delegates. Here’s more from Nalle.

Now there are those in Tampa who seek to overturn this traditional structure of the party, set restrictions on the free choice of party members and introduce a new and alien process which would minimize the input of the party’s rank and file and put power in the hands of party leaders and wealthy special interests who can buy the loyalty of the mob.

They have borrowed the organizing structure of the Democrats and authored rules which would cause our delegates to be bound by the votes of primary voters who may not be Republicans or share our values.

They have also proposed that the presumed presidential nominee could remove our elected delegates at whim.

Finally they want to remove control over the rule making process from the state parties to a small elite within the national committee of the party who can change the rules under which the party operates at any time.  Without fixed rules arrived at by the consent of the rank and file of the party we become pawns rather than participants in the political process.

These proposals which have come out of the Rules Committee in Tampa are contrary to the basic character of the party and they are opposed by many delegates who were not part of the handpicked group of insiders which dominated the committee.  Delegates from many states are speaking out in opposition and members of the committee who believe in a bottom-up party structure have issued a minority report to challenge what amounts to a powergrab by elite insiders and the Romney campaign.

Arlen Williams, GulagBound via PJ Tattler:

Social media is atwitter with protest from Republican delegates and grassroots activists as the Republican National Convention stands poised to vote on proposed rule changes which will fundamentally transform the process for nominating future presidential candidates. In an open letter to delegates in Tampa, Republican Liberty Caucus national chairman Dave Nalle summarizes what is at stake and urges opposition from the floor of the convention next week.

The text of the proposed rule changes is attached to Nalle’s letter. The RNC rules committee approved the changes last week. But the rules will not go into affect unless approved by the convention this week. If passed, these rules will make it significantly more difficult for minority delegations to effectively participate in the convention process.

I loathe having to criticize anything happening in Tampa right now. What Ron Paul does or does not do, and what his supporters at the RNC do or do not do is concerning, but this may be more than controlling Paulbots supporters. The Tattler makes this additional statement:

It is worth pondering why the architects of these rule changes feel it necessary to shut out new blood. This “coup” as Nalle calls it is no doubt in response to the limited success of the Ron Paul organization in a handful of caucus states. Yet, Paul was unable to secure the plurality of delegates in fives states necessary to secure a speaking appearance at the national convention. His campaign never posed a credible threat to presumptive nominee Mitt Romney. So why act to silence such a slim minority within the party? Why not embrace their contribution and grow the party? Making the process more esoteric and inaccessible will only insulate future campaigns from the grassroots activists they need to recruit and motivate in order to succeed.

Nalle says the Texas delegation is beginning oppose the changes. Sarah Palin says if the Party Platform isn’t honored, a third party will be on the rise. As to a third party, I’m ready for it after Romney-Ryan exits in January 2021. We need to be working on it immediately. Have you heard about these rule change attempts, and what do you think about it? Is all hell getting ready to break loose in Tampa?

UPDATE 8-27-12 10:07 pm CDT: Phone number of GOP state headquarters. Let them know that you disdain what they are trying to do, and advise them to get on with winning the nomination the way we have done it for years – and specifically, not mess with the election of state delegates:

Alabama (205) 212-5900
Alaska (907) 276-4467
Arizona (602) 957-7770
Arkansas (501) 372-7301
California (916) 448-9496
Colorado (303) 758-3333
Connecticut (860) 422-8211
Delaware (302) 668-1954
District of Columbia (202) 289-8005
Florida (850) 222-7920
Georgia (404) 257-5559
Hawaii (808) 593-8180
Idaho (208) 343-6405
Illinois (312) 201-9000
Indiana (317) 635-7561
Iowa (515) 282-8105
Kansas (785) 234-3456
Kentucky (502) 875-5130
Louisiana (225) 389-4495
Maine (207) 622-6247
Maryland (410) 263-2125
Massachusetts (617)-523-5005
Michigan (517) 487-5413
Minnesota (651) 222-0022
Mississippi (601) 948-5191
Missouri (573) 636-3146
Montana (406) 442-6469
Nebraska (402) 475-2122
Nevada (702) 258-9182
New Hampshire (603) 225-9341
New Jersey (609) 989-7300
New Mexico (505) 298-3662
New York (518) 462-2601
North Carolina (919) 828-6423
North Dakota (701) 255-0030
Ohio (614) 228-2481
Oklahoma (518) 462-2601
Oregon (503) 595-8881
Pennsylvania (717) 234-4901
Rhode Island (401) 732-8282
South Carolina (803) 988-8440
South Dakota (605) 224-7347
Tennessee (615) 269-4260
Texas (512) 477-9821
Utah (803) 988-8440
Vermont (802) 223-3411
Virginia (804) 780-0111
Washington (425) 460-0570
West Virginia (304) 768-0493
Wisconsin (608) 257-4765
Wyoming (307) 234-9166

The above list compiled provided by TeaParty Nation (found at GulagBound)

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  • Maggie I’m disappointed but not surprised..

    While I believe this was a panic move because Paul potentially could have forced a brokered convention, at a minimum he wasn’t going to say what the GOP Establishment wanted to hear..

    The old establishment leadership has made it clear they don’t want or need hobbits interfering…or expressing their views.

    That said, Barrack Obama was fathered by a communist and born by a communist mother. He was raised, mentored and educated by communists, as an adult he surrounded himself with communists- There are too many names on a Black Wall to let him him remain in the White House..

    Romney appears to be the only way to remove him.. Serious talk of third party needs to wait until November 7th

    • Grumpy, I suggested a third party be ready to go in January 2021. It takes planning. I don’t believe we will stop the Karl Rove’s, John McCains and those like them.

  • Geo

    These Rules changes are aimed at two things in my opinion. First, the Paulbots who relish causing havoc at conventions. Secondly the Tea Party is in the cross hairs with these changes.

    I totally agree with Grumpy, the GOP is headed for a major split. They are headed for the Whig ash heap. Entrenched rino republics [like Rove and others] are trying to solidify their grasp on the party. After all, these past primaries, went on way longer than the “party bosses” would’ve liked.

    November 7th, could very well determine the faith of the GOP one way or the other regardless of the results of the election.

    • Geo, we have 8 years to establish a true Conservative Party (not right wing, but Conservative/Constitutional), assuming Romney is successful. Sometime, we have to make a dangerous leap to stay alive.

  • Bungalow Bill

    Why do you feel the need to label freedom loving Americans who see Romney as a big government liberal with your derogatory names? I thought you were better than that. Romney is the bad guy here not the Paul supporters. How can you honestly look at his record of gun control and socialized healthcare and think this guy is better?

    • Bungalow Bill, my position on Ron Paul has been clear. There are many, many things he advocates for that I believe in. This is about rule-change and the reason behind the changes. Earlier this week I said that the platform was adding Federal Reserve reforms, and I think that is very good.

      I’m not going to be sidetracked by thinking Ron Paul can win the presidency. At this time, I know of no one who has a chance of defeating Obama, so I choose Romney because he is my option. I’ve explained my position and my hope if Romney does get in the White House – that we will be able to force him to keep his promises, and that just maybe enough time has passed that he along with all Republicans in the House and Senate except for the establishment, have learned a thing or two.

      I’m sick of saying it. It’s my future as well as yours.

  • gracie

    Anybody here an actual member of the Republican Party? I don’t mean a voter who is a registered Republican but an actual party member. Some voters forget that when you’re not a party member, you have absolutely no input on the rules and platform. If you’re not a party member, go down to the local GOP and sign up. Pay your dues. Join committee meetings. Become a delegate (someday).

    If you’re not a party member, you’re just a political consumer who shows up on election day and expresses a brand preference.

    • David

      Very true Gracie and very well said.

  • David

    They obviously have to change the rules or else they might actually win! Winning against the first or second “Black” President, depending on how you count Bill Clinton, due to grass roots constitutional conservatism would be racist, partisan and UN-global, after all. Just ask John McCain or newly Independent Charlie Crist, even Jeb Bush or literally any of the GOP RINO establishment and they’ll tell you about this.

    The RINO GOP has NO intentions to try to win this election, if it means going against Obama. They are so deliriously and insanely fraught with fear over any possibility of a race accusation that they will NOT try to win this election because of it. They will also try to grant some version of “amnesty” to millions of illegals just to make sure that no race accusations are directed at them. They’re election mentality is remain afraid ignorant inept cowards who balance losing the country against some sort of self deprecating delusional race fever victory. Somehow they feel it’s their idea of nobility to not try to win this election. And if they still win it’s not their fault, thus proving that the racist conservatives made them win even though for the record they they did not try to win.

    For the most part I don’t believe they speak for Ryan and I sincerely hope Mitt is intuitive enough to know better than to listen to them and their idiocy. The fact of the matter is that the GOP desperately needs a makeover. These RINO GOP cowardice buffoons have absconded a previously somewhat noble party with a great emancipation record and great Republicans such as Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr and Reagan. And now they demand to silence those of us who remember what that GOP used to stand for because it scares the hell out of them. They are absolutely loathe to stand up and fight for our nation. This GOP even denounces how 2010 ever happened.

    They’re a disgraceful bunch who in no way, shape, manner or form deserve to lead this great nation let alone take the constitutional conservative fight to the other side. They clearly can’t do it themselves. It’s going to be up to us to get Mitt and Ryan elected, despite the best efforts of the RINO GOP to not try to win. After that we must also secure the Congress with the best of our “grass roots” constitutional conservatives such as Allen West, Rick Santorum, Michele Bachmann and Marco Rubio to name a few. Then we must combine our democratic free market skills to best these so called “news” media outlets and encourage competition for a real news agency that reflects our moral values, which we are willing to put our money where their programming is.

    Lastly, how can any sane learned person call constitutional conservatism “grass roots”? It was well established even before the ratification of the Constitution itself and has been the cornerstone of American exceptionalism from then till now. It’s amazing to me how the left takes such great pains to redefine normal. They are playing to win but this is no game. We must understand our place in all of this and do not leave the state of our union to those who mean to do grave harm to it or to those who would willingly cower in fear and derelict to protect and preserve it. This duty falls to us, The People, and if it means taking the RINO GOP to victory in the White House and both sides of the Congress with them kicking and screaming all the way, so be it.

    • gracie

      Seriously? The GOP doesn’t want to beat Obama because it would be construed as racist?! You’d think that might tick off some of the really big donors, no?

      • David

        They would like to beat Obama of course but they do not want to try to win. They simply cannot be seen trying to win against Obama. This is the reason that they attack eachother but not Obama. This is the reason they now are trying to banish the conservatives and basically take sides with the left in labeling them extreme and racist. They are betting that this tactic, along with their version of amnesty to illegals, will appease the left to the point that they are wholly innocent of being racist by trying to beat Obama. Also they are betting that the conservatives will be able to be the winning votes, of which they admittedly do not want to have anything to do with. It’s the more lame political strategy but that’s what they’re doing. As a self serving consolation prize they believe that if they don’t win against Obama they will have the nobility of not being called racist for trying to defeat Obama and they will focus on the Senate instead. This is the RINO GOP strategy. It doesn’t make sense and it’s the dumbest thing they could do but believe me this is their strategy.

        • Geo

          David, I agree with you 110%, you’ve nailed it. These rino’s always managed to get intimidated by the loud, mealy mouth libs and their cohorts in the msm. They are petrified of being called racists amongst other names.

          Word is leaking out that some rino’s and party bosses are already conceding defeat. They always feel the need to portray themselves and us as kinder and gentler and above the fray. They are already calling for civility at the convention.

          They never, ever learn. Call it McCain v 2.0 [but you can go back further than that]

          If they succeed in neutering Christie tonight, start raising the flag. The “ticket” only recently started punching back, somehow I’m not confident that the Party ever will. They refuse to fight back, no matter the seriousness of the issue.

  • The most important goal of the Tea party Movement has to be to removee and replace the Republican elitist from any power in the Party. Otherwise, a third “arty will be our only choice and that is one long uphill road.

    • David

      True. Conservatives must use the electoral system to effect change. If anyone feels that this system does not work now then it would also not work for a third Party. We already have a Party. It’s called the Republican Party. These clowns have come in and tried to kick us out of our own Party because they got the votes to do it. Unless WE vote them OUT and WE vote IN our conservative representatives then WE cannot effect that change. Period.
      A third Party will not work, ever. If WE cannot make the Republican Party work for us, with us having a great majority of the ideology spectrum in America, then there’s no way we can ever get enough votes from a third Party to effect the change either. It’s a futile notion. And if we wish to punish the Republicans or the system because WE cannot make the system work for us and we vote “Independent” or not vote at all for this election then we just might have a third party but in the new banana republic USSA. But I doubt it would work then either.

      Gracie and Jim are right. WE can effect this change but WE have to do all of the heavy lifting to get rid of these RINO GOP buffoons. If we want conservatives as our elected officials then we must effect that change in our Republican Party first before we can effect it against the other side. For this reason we must become Republican Party members and delegates and even become the electorate. We also must be the donors and contributors to the Party. We must have complete ownership of this Party if we are to have the control over it that we want. This is the same hard work we would have to do also for any third Party.

      We already did this in 2010. If we band together behind large groups like the Tea Party and others and we do the hard work tirelessly then sooner than later we will have our Party back. The more we whine and cry about it and talk nonsense about some fantasy third Party, that we will never have, to magically change the system then the longer and harder our road becomes.

      Therefore the only viable solution is to simply LEAD the way IN the Republican Party as members, delegates, electorate, donors, contributors, bloggers, and of course voters. We have the truth and history on our side and we are the majority in the nation. And our values are the preferred values in the history of the world. Remember that faith and hard work go a long way to make change in any circumstance. Why should we abandon our big mighty ship so that we will then have to build a very small boat just when the seas are pitching so violently? Wake up to this fact. This is our Party and before we end up on the rocks we must vote this inept crew out of power and put our competent and professional seaworthy crew. This is the only way we can avoid losing the Party and the country. It’s terribly hard work but it would be equally hard if not moreso to develop a smaller third Party.