Soros Plans for RNC Tampa: Code Pink Dressed as Female Body Parts – OccupyRNC Threatens City With Lawsuits

After the 2004 Republican Convention in New York City, the ACLU apparently worked with George Soros to publish a Soros-funded 69-page report on how they successful or not, their plans worked to suppress the police plans for order and peace from protesters. The Soros-funded report is now the Occupy bible. Soros is thanked at the end of the report. NYPD is accused of 2004 misconduct against protesters – “lost sight of the distinction between lawful and unlawful conduct” according to the report, The Rights and Wrongs at the RNC. Seems Mayor Buckhorn and his compatriots running the city may  need to grow some new ones. The movement for this disruption of the peace event is Occupy the RNC, but whatever happens, think of the excitement of seeing the Code Pink lovelies all dolled up as vagina.

Occupy the RNC

The New York Civil Liberties Union has produced this report to document and assess police practices involving protest at the Republican National Convention in New York City during the summer of 2004. The historical account provided by is particularly important in light of the fact that the New York City Police Department has defended all of its actions during the Convention and has insisted that it made no mistakes.

According to Accuracy in Media (AIM):

…in a ritual that grows more sophisticated with every new Occupy camp and political convention, protesters and their ACLU lawyers have been “in negotiation” with Tampa Mayor Bob Buckhorn and the city council for several months, demanding permits, demanding special restraints on the police, and threatening lawsuits if they don’t get their way…

Rights and Wrongs at the RNC is now the leftist playbook for applying legal and financial pressure on cities before, during, and after protests. Municipalities that dare to host economic summits or try to rein in illegal Occupy encampments find themselves, and especially their police, virtually held hostage by the media strategies and legal actions detailed throughout the manual

Ordinary citizens (and groups like the Tea Party) cannot stroll into city hall and demand special rules of engagement when dealing with the police. But this is precisely what is being done on behalf of Occupy protesters in city halls and university presidents’ offices across the country. Fear of legal backlash was one reason so many elected officials seemed paralyzed last autumn in the face of the Occupiers’ refusal to obey municipal laws.

Occupy the RNC Plans for Tampa, known as the “Tampa Principle” and the “Tampa Pamphlet” (see AIM link above):

● Our solidarity will be based on respect for a political diversity within the struggle for social, economic and environmental justice. As individuals and groups, we may choose to engage in different tactics and plans of action but are committed to treating each other with respect.

● We reject all attempts to create divisions among our movements. We agree to not publicly criticize other parts of our movement or cooperate with state or media efforts to portray good protester/bad protester.

● The actions and tactics used will be organized to maintain appropriate separations of time and space between divergent tactics. We will commit to respecting each others organizing space and the tone and tactics they wish to utilize in that space.

Then there’s Romneyville, the tent city for Occupiers.

It is worth noting that Romneyville is a camp established outside of the security perimeters near the RNC in Tampa.  It is operated by the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, an organization we mentioned earlier this week at Breitbart News in a post titled “RNC: Hints of Violence as Law Enforcement Prepares for Tampa,” which covered the activities of Tampa Bay Action Group, a member group of the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign.

From Occupy DC – a scene at Romneyville of either another pregnant man, or just a poor hungry guy. What could he possibly be buying with his EBT to do this? See it here.

The Tampa city authorities have reportedly worked with these radical groups for months, dancing to their demands. Take a look back at the leavings of the Occupiers of every persuasion, and think of the money it ultimately costs the taxpayer, without achieving anything for anyone.

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  • Geo

    Oh, goody. Someone has managed to locate the code pinko’s. I’ve been worried about this for a long time now. I was worried that these skanks had disappeared for ever.

    No more anti war protests, no more confronting the Secretary of State at Congressional hearings, no more tailing the President, no more sit-ins at Congressman’s Offices, no flotilla protests in Israel.

    I was really worried that they all had returned to the kitchen to bake cookies or something. Glad to see that they may have a new purpose in life after 3 1/2 years in seclusion.

    But, then I remembered after all, the world is a much better place now. I wonder if they were able to collect unemployment for this period?

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  • With any kind of luck we’ll catch just enough of the storm to blow down their tents, Keep ’em off rooftops and rain on their parades

    • Or at least scour their campsites.. lol

    • Grumpy, I’m hoping everyone inside will be warm and comfy, and outside the rats are running for the gutters. My brother lives in the area. Don’t want anything more than extreme discomfort for the people in the tents, and may their cook kettles all be cold and filled with rain water.

  • I wish I could afford to go to Tampa to counter the protesters..

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  • This so typical of Soros, Pelosi, Obama occupy bunch which suits those disgusting miserable commie Nazi’s to a tee! Birds of a feather low life’s. What fools, BTW is Pelosi, and Obama dressing up like a dick they wish they both had, hahahahahaha! There is a #100,000 + reward for Soros dead or alive. Hint: Soros would be an easy target with that female body-part trash on.