Social Security Admin Buys 174,000 Hollow Point Bullets: Border Patrol Armed With Bean Bags

The short story is the Social Security Administration (SSA) has 295 special agents working in 66 offices throughout the U.S. They have full authority to be armed. Standard issue is “.357 Sig 125 grain bonded jacked hollow point pistol ammunition.” These agents investigate allegations of Social Security fraud and respond to threats against Social Security offices, employees and customers…but they cannot stop sending checks to dead people or other unworthy recipients. Hollow points won’t stop the theft of my Social Security. We can feel safe though, as each agent now has almost 600 rounds of his very own.

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) has ordered 46,000 rounds of hollow points, which I understand are a good piece of ammo because they expand inside the body, and do not exit, meaning that a bystander will not be hit by an exiting bullet. They are not always legal to use in war however.

Homeland Security ordered 450 MILLION rounds of assorted ammo and another 175 MILLION rounds of .233 caliber, along with a new supply of bulletproof booths for use somewhere.

Is it too much to ask for Congress to explain why we are armed to the teeth, but not through the Pentagon, and why we refuse to let our Border Guards use real bullets, rather than guns shooting bean bags. Agent Brian Terry is dead. His bean bag gun fell with him. See more about bean bag rounds here.

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