Sikh Temple: Son of Woman Hiding in Closet: Multiple Shooters Well Coordinated

You may have seen the young man in the first video yesterday on Fox News. Here he is interviewed by CNN. He is the son of a woman who hid in a closet inside the Temple. I believe one of the injured Temple priests is his uncle. He said his Dad was at the hospital and they were exchanging information back and forth.

Amardeep Kaleka, son of the president of the Sikh Temple of Wisconsin, center, comforts members of the temple, Monday, Aug. 6, 2012, in Oak Creek, Wis., where a gunman killed six people a day earlier, before being shot and killed himself by police. Satwant Kaleka, 65, founder and president of the temple, died in the shooting. He was among four priests who died. (M. Spencer Green, Associated Press)

The most that I know right now is that there were multiple shooters…multiple people. It was a very well coordinated thing. It wasn’t haphazard…

He was asked about his mother hiding in the closet and any sense of how many people at that time were hiding:

Once she started hiding in the closet, she didn’t know how many people were out there, so she just kept saying “they are out there – they are out there,” and she kept hanging up the phone every time she heard something go off. Then at one point we heard that the movement went toward the kitchen and releasing gas and stuff like that.

Incredibly, the interviewer didn’t follow up or clarify the confusing statement, or if he did, it hit the cutting room floor.

Question: If the first police officer was shot and down after firing at Page in the parking lot, then a second police officer engaged the gunman and killed him, who did they think, for a couple of hours, was holding others hostage inside the Temple? We need to hear the 911 calls of those hiding inside.

A man outside the Sikh Temple says there were multiple gunmen and the attack was well coordinated (video)

Second video below, another young man on the scene:

Between 10 and 10:30 four white males, dressed starkley, in all black clothing, came in and opened fire on our congregation…20 or 25 people have been hit…my uncle is one of them. He was taken to the hospital…one gunman is down, three left.

Again, incredibly, he is not asked who actually saw four men, although in the early reporting, a priest was in hiding and was reportedly talking with 911 and perhpas told them there was more than one shooter, and 30 injured. Until that audio of the 911 call or calls are released, we won’t know.

Many people were in the Temple that day. Stories should begin coming out.

Michael Wade Page as shot outside the Temple was a lone gunman, according to police.

Republican Mother has some other ideas and reaction coming out of India. Read it here.

Second man outside Oak Creek, WI Sikh Temple says there were four gunmen dressed in black (video)

Photo Credit: M. Spencer Green, AP

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  • Thanks for the link and the coverage of this important illustration that not all as is it seems.

    Some of the hallmarks of a false flag/fishy tragedy:

    1. Drills of the event just prior. (we’ll see if a story comes out with a trial run of this scenario by government agents nearby) It happened in Oslo and in Aurora that the same day or the day before, drills were being run of the events that happened.
    2. Warnings put out by one of the alphabet agencies beforehand. FBI put out a warning on theater shoot-ups in April. Homeland put out warnings on veterans, etc. to prime the pump and move legit law enforcement’s Overton window to expect this kind of stuff.
    3. Media jumps on story before bodies are cold and comes out with a pre-fab story and repeats it over and over. That’s why they blew past the actual eyewitness testimony. Recall that Breitbart’s body wasn’t cold before they were telling us natural causes in a 40ish year old man. The coroner who worked on him died suspiciously. Notice how they said this guy had a 9/11 tattoo and the Southern Poverty Law Center has given him their certified seal of “white supremacist”. Gimme a break.
    4. Politicians and pundits come out of the woodwork demanding more laws. These laws invariably take away freedom from the people. This is the Hegelian Dialectic at work: problem (they create) – reaction (trauma, shock, and horror) – solution (that benefits them). “while they care crying peace and SAFETY, shall destruction come upon them” That’s the Good Book telling us the MO of the wicked ones.

  • Also forgot:

    5. The shooter has some sort of connection with the intelligence side of the USG. I’m not talking Six Degrees to Kevin Bacon kind of connection, but a strong connection. Examples:

    This guy Page was a army psych guy, and they don’t take just anybody, certainly not unhinged racists stupid enough to confuse a Sikh with a Muslim. There’s not telling what he was on and what kind of conditioning he had to do this.

    John Holmes was working in neuroscience with a government grant and his father is also a high level man in the FICO company that runs banking algorithms. His grandfather was in army intelligence.

    The Unabomber, Ted Kacynski was apart of the MK Ultra experiments as a Harvard undergrad. These were funded by the CIA, and every American needs to know about that program and how it worked to fully get this stuff.

    The Underwear bomber, according to eyewitnesses was drugged out of his mind and had a G-man looking handler getting him on the plane. Undersecretary of State Kennedy admitted to Congress that it was part of a LARGER operation, and then clammed up. One week later the order went through for the scanners, the contracts for which had already been drawn up. Once again, problem-reaction-solution at work.

    Sirhan Sirhan has been shown to be innocent as there were more bullets found at the scene than could have possibly been fired from his gun. Forensics show that RFK was shot from behind.

    John Hinckley, Jr – George Bushes’ cousin and his brother was a close friend of Neal. His father is Bush Sr’s partner in World Vision, where the assassin of Beatle John Lennin worked.

    You may notice a huge difference in Reagan pre-shooting rhetoric and after, but that’s a whole other story.

    Don’t even get me started on Oswald…..

    I could go and on and on, the facts are voluminous. When you put together that elements of our government want to see State Department memo 7727 become reality, it isn’t that hard to believe. They have the means, the motive, and the opportunity to carry all this out. Who’s going to stop them?

  • Thank you so much for this. I haven’t had time to hear this story but two additional ones for your readers. First – there continues to be daily reports from eyewitnesses of at least 2 shooters in CO massacre that also were “orchestrated” (link and The supposed “neck wound victim” that Obama visited is also highly suspect –

    And then there is this from CanadaFreePress: Valarie Jarett was giddy over the WI Sikh shooting to play into their gun control objective –

    • PolitiJim, Here it is September 27, 2012 and I just found your comment in Spam dated 8/7/12. Sorry. I don’t often get things in spam and I forget to check. Thanks for the link to CanadaFreePress.

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  • Syx

    So Bless all those who have lost loved ones in these tragedies. Too many things like this goin on,but Thank God All of us who are ‘Awake’ can see that these are just worldwide distractions as the cabal keeps on inchin’ towards their end-goal. THEY will be stopped. WE Can see right through them! Syx.

  • ALL THESE SHOOTINGS ARE HIDING SOMETHING, if it is not one thing it’s another.
    Who knows any more, from the Colorado theater murders, to whoever. whatever??

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  • Oh my god, that must have been really horrible, I haven’t seen it in the news, so I am a little bit shocked now…