Shag Dancing Champions Jeremy Webb Kayla Henley: Have You EVER Had This Much Fun? Video

So really, now, have you ever been able to do this? The information with the video says Jeremy Webb and Kayla Henley, seen in the video, won the 2012 National Shag Dance Division II Championship. The second video shows the 2012 Masters Division Shag Dancing winners with Susan Neal and Bob Myrick.

Jeremy Webb and Kayla Henley, Division II National Shag Dancing Champions

There are various forms of Shag dancing, all of which fall under the Jitterbug or more appropriately, Swing Dance styles. There’s a Carorlina Shag, a Flea Hop Shag and since I’m a Tulsa girl, I found this:

…a New York writer sent to Tulsa, Oklahoma in late 1940/early 1941 noted an “Oklahoma version of shag” done to the Western Swing music of Bob Wills and the Texas Playboys at the Cain’s dancing Academy in Tulsa.” Source

Cains is still here but has been known as Cain’s Ballroom in my lifetime.

Built in 1924 by Tulsa entrepreneur Tate Brady, The Cain’s Ballroom has gone from a garage, a dime-a-dance joint and a dancing academy until it became what is known by artists and patrons alike as one of the top performance venues in the world today.

The highlight of the ballroom is a historic maple, spring loaded dance floor designed in a “log cabin” or concentric square pattern. Lighting the dance floor is a four-foot neon star and a silver disco ball. The walls are decorated with oversized photographs of various musicians who played Cain’s, including Bob Wills, Johnnie Lee Wills, Ernest Tubb, Ted Williams, Tex Ritter, Kay Starr and Tennessee Ernie Ford.

Between the portraits are black fiddle-shaped fixtures illuminated by a single red bulb. Bob Wills was born into a family of fiddlers where he learned to play the fiddle and mandolin. As a young man, Wills performed at house dances, medicine shows and on the radio. On New Year’s Night 1935, he made his debut at Cain’s and the venue soon became known as “The Home of Bob Wills.” READ MORE…

Enjoy! Photo courtesy of the stagesvideo. Subscribe to their work here. Thanks to my sweet friend dj!

Shag Dancing Champions Division II – Jeremy Webb and Kayla Henley (video)

Shag Dancing Masters Champions 2012: Susan Neal and Bob Myrick (video)

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