Rural Utility Stimulus a Bomb, A Net Drag on Employment – Obama Energy a Bomb – A Geek Guy You Never Heard of THE BOMB

Obama’s Stimulus poured $47 MILLION into rural utility projects. Of the 3,384 jobs expected to be created, a new Inspector General report shows that number fell short by 2,969 – or put another way – only 415 jobs became reality. That means each job cost the taxpayer $113,253.00. Perhaps engineers were hired for all 415 jobs? Looking at it another way, the Obama administration believed they would claim 3,384 jobs to boost the economy, meaning each employee would have been paid about $13,888 if we look at salaries for one year. Obviously, every hire would not necessarily receive the same as every other hire. But wait…the $47 MILLION actually created no new jobs, regardless of the numbers and here’s why:

While proponents of the stimulus would likely point to even this tepid job creation as a success, the effectiveness of economic stimulus is generally gauged against alternatives. In this case, the issue is not whether jobs have been created at all, but rather how many jobs these funds could have created if they had not been drained from the private sector or piled on top of the federal government’s record-high national debt.

“Every dollar Congress injects into the economy must first be taxed or borrowed out of the economy,” explained Heritage’s Brian Riedl in a 2010 Backrounder. “No new spending power is created. It is merely redistributed from one group of people to another.” That redistribution likely creates few jobs, and may even be a net drag on employment.

But while this RUS program, like a number of the stimulus’s attempts at job creation, has performed remarkably poorly, a primary purpose of the President Obama’s first legislative initiative was not immediate job creation, as Scribe has noted, but in fact geared towards long-term left wing objectives. Source: Heritage Foundation

More Obama folly compared to Romney successes, courtesy of Doug Ross and (I love this) ‘Obamapuke’

Romney’s Free Market vs Obama’s Socialism

As I’ve said before, Obama’s math is wonky untruthful (meaning he lies to sell his agenda). We The People know it. Small Business owners know it, feel it deep in their gut, and see it on their bottom line. That’s why Romney is leading Obama in the polling of small business owners – leading by 20 points, in fact according to Rasmussen.

While speaking of small businesses, Apple was one once-upon-a-time. Today, the mammoth Apple with air-thin notebooks, the iPhone and everything all of us want (come on, you know you do) was named the most valuable company EVER! Think of that. Remember IBM? Remember Boeing? Remember Exxon? Remember WalMart? Remember Microsoft?

So what would you do if you just happened to meet, say…in a coffee shop, while working on your MacAir and cup of Java, someone you had never heard of, even being the tech-savvy guy you are, who made it all possible? Read it here. 

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  • Obama sure doesn’t have the Midas touch, does he!

  • Sadly, Obama really believed his crony handouts would save the economy. The man is dangerously stupid.

  • dan’l

    The stimulus was not intended for real jobs,it was just theft from us and the future generations.

    • dan’l, right on. It was buying votes.