Romney Pegs Obama Anger Hate Division: Take it to Chicago – Citizen of the World Heading for NYC

Mitt Romney had a strong message for Barack Obama today: “Mr. President, take your campaign of division and anger and hate back to Chicago.” Now I like that, but I’m predicting when Obama loses the Oval Office in November 2012, Chicago will be too small for such a worldly creature as Barack Hussein Obama. I’m predicting after a short stay in Chicago, he and MO will head for New York. Not sure what he will do there while awaiting the proper time to pass before taking over the United Nations.

Barack Obama – Angry, Hatred-Spouting Divider

He’s young. He won’t sit on his Rules for Radicals. Secretary General of the UN is perfect for The Won and his Bride. Think of the opportunities to travel without pesky TEA partiers turning his hair white. He will be beloved in all the Third World countries he has such affection for, hear that beautiful Muslim prayer at sunset whenever he wants, meet with the Bros in Cairo, and be in every sense of the words, a Citizen of the World.

The Secretary General of the UN has a UN-owned “mansion” for his residence on Sutton Place, in an exclusive neighborhood in Manhattan’s East Side. The residence in Sutton Place is within walking distance of the UN Headquarters and has a view of the East River, or at least Kofi Annan enjoyed such luxury.

Salary for the position is just over $227,000 but there is a large entertainment budget so BO and MO will be happy with that. Rent and security are free. Teleprompters come with the job at no extra expense. Grandma Robinson will love it too.

The Sec-Gen doesn’t have his own airplane. That’s a real set-back but we know our BO. He’ll get the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) behind the funding and have a ride better than Air Force One.

Obama at the head of the UN sounds reasonable to me, but there is one problem, and it’s a big one – or would be for anyone but Obama. The UN Security Council nominates a Secretary General and then the General Assembly votes. The problem is that the United States is a permanent member of the Security Council, and as such cannot have a candidate, which means that Obama will then have to switch back to his real citizenship – Indonesia, Kenya, not sure which country he will claim. It’ll be be a snap The Won.

Back to Romney – he found the right words, strong words that resonate with so many of us. I like this more straightforward Mitt Romney.

  • Maggie … I like the way you think.

  • Maggie.. that picture of Obama.. OMG he’s like a evil thing… His face reflects evil.. Thanks for this article Maggie.

    • David, I don’t that’s photoshopped. That’s the president! You see him inside and out.