Rick Perry: Ted Cruz #StrongerThanGarlic (40 acres of Garlic) – It’s a Compliment (Perry Endorsed Loser Dewhurst)

The Houston Chronicle is calling the huge Ted Cruz win over current Texas Lt. Governor David Dewhurst, an embarrassment for Governor Rick Perry who backed Dewhurst.

Sarah Palin at Ted Cruz rally wearing boots given to her by Governor Perry

Perry took aim during the campaign at various out-of-state Tea Partiers who supported Cruz, including the Tea Party Express and Sarah Palin. The governor, who is also a Tea Party favorite, chided them to “come to Texas and learn how to do it right.”

Cruz defeated Dewhurst by nearly 14 percentage points. The former state solicitor general is now the heavy favorite against Democrat Paul Sadler in November, given the Lone Star State’s heavy GOP tilt. The race is to fill the Senate seat being vacated by Republican Kay Bailey Hutchison, who is retiring.

Perry’s use of the “stronger than garlic” hashtag is a compliment and one of his favorite sayings. He once touted the tech sector in Texas as being “stronger than 40 acres of garlic” and said during the 2008 presidential campaign that Sen. John McCain was “stronger than garlic” when it came to border security issues. Source: USA Today

Sarah Palin revealed that the black and white boots she was wearing last week at a Ted Cruz rally were given to her by Governor Perry. She said after the election was over, the party would come back together, get behind the candidate and be friends again. Sarah is usually right, and Perry showed that today. Two thumbs up for both Governors and a big congrats to Ted Cruz.

  • Margaret

    This is a side of Sarah Palin that I’ve never seen. Those clothes, in my opinion, look so new on her. Usuaully, I’d see her wear teachers’ clothes. She looks really young here.

    • Margaret, I think she was Texas-ized for the rally, although she looked thinner than usual. A suit probably doesn’t work outdoors in Texas in July. I like it.