Reince Priebus: Sarah Palin Offered Prime Time Convention Speaking Spot: What About Ron Paul Delegates?

Mark Levin interviewed RNC chairman Reince Priebus and asked if Sarah Palin was offered a speaking position, in prime time at the Republican National Convention beginning next week in Tampa, Florida. Priebus says (snippet): (see video below)

Sarah Palin

PRIEBUS: Governor Palin was definitely invited to speak at the Convention, and it wasn’t like in the afternoon or anything like that. She was invited to speak one of the evenings. I don’t know if it got to the point of what time and date, and which particular period of time, but she was invited to speak and it just turned out that in her schedule, I think she was planning on staying up in Alaska anyway, and it didn’t work out….

LEVINE: But a prime time spot?

PRIEBUS: I don’t what you mean by prime time, but I can tell you between 8pm and…

LEVINE: You know, when everyone is watching TV

PRIEBUS: Yeah, between 8pm and 11 at night, I think that’s a prime time spot. Yeah. It wasn’t at 7 o’clock or 4 in the afternoon. I can promise you that. It was a time when all the delegates would be in the hall and everyone would be there attentive and ready for the evening of major speakers. Yeah.

Something here doesn’t pass the smell test. I can’t imagine that Sarah would rather be in Alaska during the time of the Republican National Convention, if she had an opportunity to further her small government agenda. In fact, I can’t imagine she would not want be at the Convention, but I don’t think a 10pm or 11 pm speaking slot can be considered desirable or an appropriate offer, if that was the offer.

About those speaking, there has been a lot of speculation about Ron Paul delegates and what they will do. I found this at Ask Marion:

UPDATE (Aug. 17): Ron Paul and his delegates have been embraced by the RNC and it appears that both Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul will now be speaking (or were given the invite) at the GOP Convention; still no specifics available on Ron Paul. On the 21st the RNC struck a deal with Ron Paul delegates and Sher Valenzuela (Who… When you could have Palin or Bachmann?) landed a prime speaking slot. And on the 22nd it was announced that Ann Romney will Keynote the First Night of the GOP convention. Also, Donald Trump Is Now To Play a ‘Surprise’ Role At Republican Convention. So there is still time and room for them to let Sarah Palin and other conservative voices speak!

This story says Palin has rented a hotel space in Tampa during the Convention time, so maybe she is not staying in Alaska. I can’t imagine that she will, but then I can’t imagine that she wasn’t offered one of the best spots on RNC speaking roster.

Reince Priebus with Mark Levine: Sarah Palin Was Asked to Speak at RNC (video)


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