Rebecca Carey Killed By Rescue Dogs in Her Home

Rebecca Carey, 23, of Decatur, Georgia had worked with animal rescue since she was a teenager. She had five dogs in her home when she was found dead after not showing up for work at The Loving Hands Animal Clinic. All of the dogs have been euthanized and it’s know which dogs were involved in her death. The cause of death was listed as neck and upper torso injuries consistent with dog bites. What a terribly sad story.

Rebecca Carey

UPDATE: The dogs found in her home were a pitbull which she had owned for 6 years, a boxer mix and 2 Presas, said to be “a large Spanish breed.”  Photo courtesy of Atlanta Journal Constitution and Ms. Carey’s family

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  • She had some very potentially dangerous breeds all mixed together. She was babysitting the second Presa Canario which I’m sure caused some upset to the pack mentality. Presa’s want to be “top dog” and can be aggressive towards other dogs.

    I’m speculating that the new Presa went after one of the other dogs and she tried to intervene.

    Her heart was in the right place, but her training to handle those breeds was lacking. It is a sad story, but one we should all learn from.

    • Adrienne, yes her heart was definitely in the right place. This as with EVERYTHING might have worked out much better with moderation rather than all the togetherness. She was so young. The Clinic should have paid attention.

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  • Nolan

    I am feeling sorry for her. May her soul rest in peace.

    • Nolan, yes it’s a sad and terrible story.