Planned Parenthood Supporter Mary Hoglund Spits in Face of Romney Supporter

Wisconsin State Senator Alberta Darling was speaking to a group of women at a Romney rally. Mary Hoglund 83, was interrupting Darling’s speech to accuse her of trying to shutdown Planned Parenthood. In the video, look to the center of the screen. Hoglund has short gray hair and is wearing a white jacket. One woman pats her shoulder. Another puts her arm around her. Then the woman to her left says several times, “zip it till she’s finished speaking,” or something close to that. Hoglund spits in her face.

Today, spitting in someone’s face is very dangerous for the victim. Who knows what’s in that spittal?

Mary Hoglund spits in face of Romney Supporter (video)

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  • Susan

    How sad that the women who fought for their right to abort their children fourty years ago are now old and rely upon some government bureaucrat to take of them.

    • ard65

      May she start having a very slow and painful death! She is scum and being left to live for 83 years, is too much.

      • ard65, let’s not wish death until we find out whether she endangered the life of the woman she “spat” upon.

    • Susan, very, very well said!

    • Wisconsinlady

      Wow, I can’t see any of my old schoolteachers doing this. Of course, that was during the time when they taught “for the children”

  • Gawd!
    I have to tell you Maggie, if some liberal freak spit in my face, I’d get 15 minutes of fame for sure.

    • Ted

      The DA needs to file a criminal assault charge against Mary Hoglund (fat chance,he’s probably a democrat) a judge needs to issue a warrant to have the local police to take Mary to a hospital for a blood panel to check for all transmittable diseases (I wouldn’t doubt Mary has some) and after Mary is found guilty of assault and battery she should be sued for all monetary damages and costs incurred by the victim.

      • Ted, I’m not sue-happy by any means, but these people just go way too far. She did endanger the other woman and she is out of control.

    • Steve, that was my reaction too. I couldn’t believe she was still standing.

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  • Jim

    Sounds like a case of simple assault to me. Press charges.

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  • Hog-pin wouldn’t spit in my face but one time! What a low class Demorat, Evil, hateful ole bag. She needed to be handcuffed, charged with a felony, and put in a rubber room. These liberturds are rude and certified crazy!
    Hell fire Hog-pin is too old, too ugly and dried up to need planned parenthood! hahahaha What’s she got to bitch about??? Geeeeez!

  • RK

    I’m for the DA filing charges as well. Striking a person multiple times and scratching her is assault. Pure and simple.