Perry Hall High School Baltimore: Student Shot – Perry Hall HS Evacuated

A student was shot this morning at Perry Hall High School in Baltimore County. The student was taken to the hospital. No news on his/her condition. The school was evacuated. Fox has been told that the shooter is not on the scene. They have a video of what appears to be a young, handcuffed man being led up a sidewalk (or maybe he isn’t young). The view is from the back. The school is located at 4601 Ebenezer Road, Baltimore, Maryland. I’ll have updates as available.

Perry Hall High School


UPDATE 5:36 pm CDT: Conflicting information from CBS, which says the gunman (gunboy) was 15-years old, and the victim is 17-years old. They report that police no longer believe the shooter targeted the victim. He walked into the cafeteria at Perry Hall, where both gunman and victim are students, and fired-off two shots, hitting the victim.

Police said several other students suffered minor injuries during the incident.

“We have some heroic and brave faculty members,” Schools Superintendent Dallas Dance said. “They responded very quickly to minimize damage.”

Parents told CBS Baltimore that there may have been a threat on Facebook referencing the school, but there are no confirmed reports of that. The message reportedly said, “First Day of School, Last Day of Life.”

UPDATE 11:46 am CDT: WJZ-TV reports the wounded student is 17 years old.

The shooting reportedly happened in the school cafeteria and the victim was shot in the back.  Students have also told Eyewitness News teachers tackled the suspect.

One student told WJZ’s Hellgren it was his day of public school and he saw the shooting. He says there was a lot of blood and saw the student shot in the back.

Others told WJZ they heard a scuffle before the shooting.  After the shooting, the school was put on lockdown for almost an hour.

”I heard two large bangs and I saw people running and it was choas and everybody ran outside, and the principal told us to stay in the grass area and away from the cafeteria,” said a student witness.

UPDATE 11:40 am CDT: The injured male student is said to be in serious condition. CBS is reporting this was a “one on one grudge” event:

“It appears this was a one-on-one grudge situation,” a police source told CBS News, adding that police are “99 percent sure there is just one suspect.”

UPDATE 10:52 am CDT: A suspect is in police custody. The person led away in handcuffs mentioned in the first paragraph, is the suspect. No further details on him. This was the first day of school at Perry Hall, which is considered one of America’s Best Schools for 2011-2012.

The injured student was medevaced to a hospital

UPDATE 10:50 am CDT: Education Secretary Arne Duncan visited the school last week to address 800 Baltimore County English teachers. Source: Baltimore Sun

First Photo Credit: Megan McHargue

Second Photo Credit (WJZ-TV)