Oh My! Anderson Cooper Boyfriend Ben Maisani Having Sweet Moments in NYC Park – But Not With Coop

The pics you really want to see here.

Anderson Cooper (front) and Ben Maisani (back)

Photo credit: SplashNews

  • The only thing that surprised me in this post is that Anderson is Gloria Vanderbilt’s son. How out of touch am I?

  • Geo

    Wrut. . . Wrooooo!

    I’m thinking that AC360 is someone’s BP reading right about now. I’m sure there is a very legitimate excuse for this out of character lapse in judgement. . . [cue mikey bloomberg] it had to be the trans fats, the salt, perhaps the donuts, but more likely the 64oz Big Gulp that wasn’t caught by the photographer grazing in the grass, immediately before the lip lock.

    It’s their story and they’re “sticky” too it.