Obama Team “Intentionally” Limits Crowds – Lack of Money Security: The Cowardly Sissification of Rhetoric: Droughts – Delta Smelt – Kenyan Dreams

I found this at BadBlue – it provides a big belly laugh. The Washington Times quotes an Obama spokesman saying crowd sizes are down for Obama-Biden because the campaign is “intentionally limiting crowd size” due to security and cost (both mean the same thing – security costs). Smaller crowds also give him more intimacy with his supporters [who are fewer every day]. “We have plenty of time for big rallies….” – another of the quotes. Obama has sissified everything since he moved into the Oval Office – including the mother of all lame excuses.

The Sissification of the White House

Has there EVER been a time with a camera available, when the Narcissist-in-Chief has not adored being adored, even willing to embarrass himself on a major league’s pitching mound. He could have had a sore throat or something, but, no,  the night was his and cameras documented it for eternity.  Even Oprah has nothing to say about Barack these days – and believe me, these days are critical for The Won.

Obama at the Iowa State Fair 2012:

Not everyone in Iowa was enthusiastic about Obama’s presence. One of the first men whose hand Obama tried to shake at the fair told him “No, thank you,” and turned away, scowling as the president made his way down the street.

Such indifference is evident in the polls. An average of polls by RealClearPolitics shows the Democrat up only one percentage point in Iowa over Republican Mitt Romney, his rival in the November six election.

The article linked above says the economy in Iowa is “rougher now,” and it is one of the worse state’s hit in the 2012 drought, but…Iowa’s unemployment rate is among the lowest in the country at 5.3%, with the average in The Time of Obama sitting at 8.3% in July.

This administration showed it’s level of compassion for drought-affected growers when Obama and Congress put thousands of farmers out of business in California’s Central Valley – the Bread Basket of America, just to save the tiny Delta Smelt which is not a food source, doesn’t eliminate any pesky vermin and as The Examiner points out,

“Sometimes, despite environmentalist’s protestations to the contrary, certain species reach a natural evolutionary dead end.”

California’s Central Valley

Obama watched the people living there go hungry and search elsewhere for work, when there was none, and knew the most fertile valley in our Nation was turning to dust to save a piece of bait from being crunched in a piece of machinery as it pumped water to the land. In February 2012, the US House passed a Bill to turn the pumps back on.  The Senate has done nothing. Obama said he would veto it if it passed. Sissies can be very evil, most cruel and some of the biggest bullies around.

America’s Bread Basket – California’s Central Valley

“Plenty of time for big rallies….” Really? The single best way to keep the money rolling in, for any candidate, is to show huge, enthusiastic crowds who love your message. 2012 is not 2008. America is looking for reality, not fairytales of hope and change, and dreams from a father with an abominable record of role modeling, but a huge dream of confiscating private property from Kenyan land and business owners, to give it back to the natives. In 2012, the hope is to change the Obama nightmare to the reality of a once-again thriving, surging America.

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