Obama Stimulus Up to $1.2T – Look at The Waste: Exotic Ants – Windows for a Closed Lodge – Advertising for Stimulus

The Center for Freedom and Prosperity produced the video below. The $787 BILLION stimulus bill is now up to almost $1.2 TRILLION.

pics on Sodahead

● The Forest Service spent $500,000 replacing windows on a Mount St. Helens visitor center. The center has been closed since 2007. Obama took office in January 2009.

● Researchers California Academy of Science – $2 MILLION to photograph exotic ants in Africa

● 2.2 to Sharp Park Golf Course in San Francisco for a system to pipe recycled water. Today, environmentalist greenies are suing, claiming the pipe system is a danger to frogs. They want the golf course turned into a wild life sanctuary.

● Mohegan Tribal members received $54 MILLION to build a new community center. The tribe owns and operates one of the highest grossing casinos in the US, the Mohegan Sun.

● $1 MILLION to revamp White House Website to advertise Obama Stimulus.

There’s more in the video about Obama’s cronied-up and wasteful green agenda.

American Enterprise on Obamanomics (video)

Review of how Obamanomics (Keynesian) works:

● Government gives money to consumers, businesses to spend.
● The money is spent, boosting the economy (except when it’s pocketed instead).

●Oops! Every dollar government puts into the economy must first be taken out by either taxing (you and me) or borrowing.

It’s not rocket science.