Obama Praises Paul Ryan’s Medicare Plan as Legitimate Proposal

In January 2010 Obama addressed the House GOP Conference regarding Congressman Paul Ryan’s budget plan, and specifically the Medicare portion which remains the same for all Seniors – actually for everyone at age 55 and beyond, once it becomes law. In other words, Medicare for Seniors will not change.  Here’s what Obama had to say:

Paul Ryan

OBAMA: There is a political vulnerability to doing anything that tinkers with Medicare.  And that’s probably the biggest savings that are obtained through Paul’s plan. And I raise that not because we shouldn’t have a series discussion about it.  I raise that because we’re not going to be able to do anything about any of these entitlements if what we do is characterize, whatever proposals are put out there, as, well, you know, that’s — the other party is being irresponsible; the other party is trying to hurt our senior citizens; that the other party is doing X, Y, Z. That’s why I say if we’re going to frame these debates in ways that allow us to solve them, then we can’t start off by figuring out, A, who’s to blame; B, how can we make the American people afraid of the other side.
Obama also went on to call Ryan’s budget “a legitimate proposal” with “some ideas in there that I agree with.”  Unfortunately, the President’s campaign is now doing exactly what he warned against, mischaracterizing the Ryan plan, trying to delegitimize it and scaring seniors. 
Remember that Obama’s Simpson Bowles Commission did not address Medicare changes. Obama has done exactly NOTHING to address saving Medicare – that’s NOTHING, but he did ROB $750 BILLION FROM Medicare to give to MEDICAID.

Barack Obama speaking to GOP House Conference, January 29, 2010 (video)

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  • Aside from the blatant dishonesty of regurgitating the “rob $700 billion” debunked lie, Obama is correct that Americans aren’t likely to buy Ryan’s budget as it’s presently offered.

    Considering this election is about Ryan’s budget (and yes, that budget will be the dominating topic of this election), here’s why it won’t sell.

    Catholics aren’t happy with Ryan. Catholic nuns, priests, bishops, and friars have called the Ryan budget “immoral,” a “severe failure,” and the “height of hypocrisy.” That’s some pretty strong wording.

    I wouldn’t be too optimistic about the general public either. Based on several polls (Gallop, PEW, PPP, etc), people in general weren’t too thrilled about it a few months ago. Now it’s pretty much in their faces. I would expect those on Medicare or SSI would think twice before pulling a lever that offers them a lower paying coupon and hands SSI over to Wallstreet. I can’t see millions being helped through AKA to vote to end their health care. And then there’s the millions of middle class workers that aren’t real thrilled at tax increases for them to swallow the entire cost while lowering taxes for the upper class.

    You see, here’s the thing. People may rally behind someone or some policies, until you hit them in their wallets. Even union folks can scream “buy American” until those Chinese products eases their wallets. The folks that simply despise a black man in the White House can may want him out with their every fiber UNTIL it affects his wallet. So all of these cuts sound good on paper as long as you keep your hands off a given person’s Medicare, or Social Security, or food stamps, or paycheck, or whatever it is that hits them financially. And I seriously doubt that the millions of people depending on Pell grants to help with the school bills are going to be thrilled with the Ryan budget. Much like their money, they’re kinda partial to their children as well.

  • Obama has always got an evil greedy motive for what he says. I am a senior and am not one bit scared by Obama, BTW – No. (1) I believe in the one true God in Christ, No. (2) I believe Romney and Rayan are doing the right things for America. No. (3) I know Obama is the wrong (thing?) for America, so tell him for me Maggie or anyone on here, if you can, that I cannot stand Muslims and want Obama Sumbitch Traitor which is a Muslim out of the White House, for good. Good riddance to all the commie radical terrorist in Washington DC … just don’t get me started with this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRR

    Like Herman Cain said: We in America need “Renewal, Restructure, Repeal.”
    I say: a Christian in the White House NOT a Godless damned to Hell infidel.

    Also America needs Real Men: “Ones that are NOT worried about their next election, but REAL MEN that are more concerned about the next generation.”
    Well Said Paul Ryan, plus I agree the entitlement programs need reform, ASAP
    No more stimulus package that went in a brown bag to Obama and his pay pals.
    Obama, Michelle, Biden, V. Jarret, Pelosi, Hitlary, Reid, Schultz, Holder, the DNC all need ‘shovel ready jobs,’ including the FED, because:
    We The People are FED UP! BTW we have some nice orange suits made in the USA for all of them, plus ball & ‘chains’ that Biden was talking about, that will look nice with their orange suits. Love it!