Obama for America, DNC Sue to Take Away Extra Days for US Military to Vote

The Ohio Democrat Party joined the ‘party’ and along with the Obama for America Campaign and the Democratic National Committee (DNC) – the 3 filed suit to reduce the three extra days the members of our military have to vote…because, you know they might be busy and might need those extra days.

According to the sue-happy administration and Democrats, the Military has “no discernible rational basis” for needing extra time. 

That’s a good argument considering Military absentee votes are seldom counted – but you have to think if you show up to vote in your own district, three days, or two days or one day early, you might get counted.

That’s the problem: counted Military votes. A Rasmussen Poll released on July 22nd shows that Vets prefer Romney 59% to 35%. My assumption is that “veterans” are different from “active duty” Military, and I haven’t found a poll of candidate preference among active duty Military – other than knowing they have contributed heavily to Ron Paul. Considering that, unless someone throws away their vote and writes him in or votes for Gary Johnson, Romney is closer to Paul than Obama (understatement? Yes.). Thanks to Bluegrass Pundit.

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  • Michael Davis

    More treasonous activity from the Occupier-in-Chief’s thugocracy.

    The Romney camp needs to call this out. They can’t take legal action because Eric the Red stands in the way.

    This crap has got to stop – as our enemies say – by any means necessary.

  • Nothing Obama does surprises me any more. He is completely predictable.

  • Andrea

    Ha, Monterey, California, 2000…Army and Navy personnel stationed in town and living in housing were allowed to “register” to vote and received voter cards in the mail. On Election Day we proudly went to the polling place (at civilian address) and told to get in a separate line…for “absentee ballot” vote! There was NO mention that our votes would not be counted (ever)! We were treated like second class scum of the earth, while the civilians in Monterey (who gleefully took our pay at their businesses) had their votes counted right away. Disgusting. I would’ve been happy to only have a Presidential Ballot…don’t care about their local politics. Just hated being treated that way, pretty much everywhere in that town.