Muffin Top Eric Boehlert Calls Americas Perfect Male Specimens, Navy SEALs, Gutless

From the first photo below, you see that Media Matters’ Eric Boehlert, on the left, is clearly NOT gutless, he’s a muffin top. Every SEAL I’ve had the pleasure to see was clearly a flat belly. Believe me, Eric Boehlert is not only NOT a flat belly, he’s not the sharpest knife in the drawer either. In 2008, Boehlert predicted Fox News was dead meat (or in his actual words “F**ked). A quick look at Boehlert’s work at Media Matters and elsewhere shows that he will not vote for Mitt Romney, and he is ticked that the SEALs, SpecOps and US Intel in the Dishonorable Disclosures project might do so. The nerve of those SEALs.

Eric Boehlert (L)

According to Boehlert, the SEALs specifically, are “gutless” for criticizing military leaks at high levels. Most, if not all of the men are identified. They live among us. They are not in hiding.

The former SEALs, SpecOps and US Intel have launched a video, Dishonorable Disclosures, to educate Americans on how politics have infiltrated Military leadership. One bone of contention is the leaking of information on the bin Laden kill within hours of it happening.

Navy SEALS – gutless

Out of a list of 7 concerns, this one explains how deep the offense went:

3. Disclosure of the unit, the cover name, what aircraft were used, how many raids, how they entered and moved thru the grounds, and many processes and methods of the raid on the OBL compound.

Navy SEALs showing no gut

The group says they are not partisan, that their mission is to “further the common good,” and I think we can count on their interest in keeping our Military as safe as possible as they go about their daily routines, without politicians taking credit and crowing about successes that we really shouldn’t know about, or know only little about. For this Eric Boehlert calls them gutless.

Judicial Watch, through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA), found that the identity of the SEAL Team 6 leader involved in the raid had been released to Hollywood filmmakers .

Check out @EricBoehlert on Twitter. I got his strategy right away: 1) he’s obsessed with Fox News and anything he doesn’t like is a lie, except in the case of the SEALs who are definitely, amazingly perfect specimens of gutlessness.

If you haven’t seen the video, I urge you to watch it all. It’s riveting and demonstrates exactly how dishonorable the Obama disclosures are. You won’t forget it once you watch it. Once you view it, ask yourself: how gutless do you have to be to call SEALs gutless?

Dishonorable Disclosures (video)

Muffin Top Photo Credit: FishBowlDC

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  • Hey maggie, perhaps by “gutless” Boehlert is referring to the Seals’ lack of beer gut? “Six-packing” is probably a better term.

    That and “Boehlert” may be now pronounced forever more (closer to a Bavarian Purity Law compliance) as “Beer-lert.”

    Ah-hah! For cut ‘n Paste:
    Eric “I… have a Muffin Gut” Beerlert.

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  • Geo

    If I were Lil Eric, I think I’d start sleeping with one eye open at night and constantly keep an open eye on my rear security as I shuffle along down the street.

    Oh BTW. . . .I have a couple of crisp, new Ben Franklin’s that says, that the closest Lil Eric has come to a hostile situation, is a office paper cut. But, that’s just a wild guess.

    What is it with dopey libs? Beckel the other day on Fox and now this one. Either one would crap their collective pants if they ever faced anything threatening.

  • GDC

    Boehlent IS a COWARD… (4 words deleted by blog owner for inappropriate and unconfirmed content)

    • GDC, I understand your passion on the subject of Boehlert but I cannot use some of the words you used here. My apologies. I try not to edit comments but must at times.