Movie Review – 2016: Obama’s America – The Focus on One Hyphenated Word

I slipped off to the third showing of 2016 today in Tulsa at 2:15 pm (Friday). The theater is a large multi-plex that includes an IMAX. I’m picky about my theater seats so usually get there early, but today had a previous appointment, so arrived with about 7 minutes to spare. The parking lot was jammed, and the first clue was, every handicapped parking place was taken (I didn’t need one:-) I found a good single seat high up in the middle of a row. The two seats to my right were empty but taken. The two to my left were the only empty seats on my row. They quickly filled. The entire theater was full, and while it was not the largest theater, it wasn’t small either. When I left, a very long line had formed in the lobby awaiting the next showing at 4:30 pm. No, they weren’t there to see the new Bourne movie. They were there to see 2016: Obama’s America. I confirmed it with the guy at the ticket stand. See two trailers below.

Barack Obama

D’Souza compared how he and Obama were born the same year, married the same year, and if each of them held up their hands for the camera to capture, no one would see a difference. Dinesh D’Souza came to the US to attend Dartmouth. His father advised him not to go – “they’re all White there,” he said. Nevertheless, when he arrived at the University he found the International Student Union and enjoyed the foods from around the world, which he had never seen, and had he not come to the US, he would have probably lived his whole life within one mile of his home in India. Anyway, there’s a scene where the inevitable pony-tailed guy comes up and says something like “man, it must be so liberating to be Indian.” You’ll hear Dinesh’s answer when you see the film.

His interview with George Obama, who is the brother with another mother, was 6 months old when Barack Obama, Sr. died. While we’ve all seen George standing at the gate of his hut, he is an impressive figure, tall and lean and speaks a British English. He doesn’t say a negative word about his brother, carefully sidesteps the opportunity with a few words that indicate he might not be comfortable with an EBT card. He makes one comment that is very telling – the total difference between him and his half-brother who is the President of the United States. See if you can spot it, and come back and tell me what you think.

You’ll learn a lot about Barack Obama, Sr., and hear from a man who was a very close friend of his. The passion and “hate” is still there, and he fairly spits it out. Another telling moment. If you’ve seen the writings of Obama’s father, they are also featured in the documentary.

Visually, the film gives us a close-up look at people who are truly, truly poor in a way that no American can comprehend – even the poorest among us. Watch for the oil drilling and the significance of it.

I don’t want to be a spoiler for the bottom line of the documentary and there is a bottom line. There are no cheap shots – well, only a real moment when Obama is trying to explain to his audience a bit of math, and can’t get it done – but, it’s a real. There are no birther discussions. There are no speculations about Obama’s ‘real’ father, his Social Security card or Selective Service Registration number.

Depending on your attention to politics today, or lack of them, it doesn’t matter what you know or don’t know about Obama. It’s not a boring rehash, it’s a well-designed documentary with smart commentary. You’ll see the bottom line reduced to one hyphenated word that might help you explain a few revelations to your Progressive friends (if you have any), and we all have our Liberal Uncle Louie around. Get to them before they get to the ballot box. Visit the film website here.

George Obama photo credit: Alt Films

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  • David Lemon

    Don’t look like we’re getting it here in my area of Montana..

    • Maggie

      David, that’s too bad, but it should be on DVD quickly and on netflix.

      • David Lemon

        Sure do hope so… Shawn had another group on last night that made a 1 hour documentary.. where all these democrats and independents who voted for O in 08 are now not voting for him.. I got in on the show late.. but looks like that’s coming to tv soon.. The O is about to get flattened.. lol

        • Maggie

          David, you actually found some Ds and Is out there that are NOT voting for him? I’m so relieved for you! (not in your area, but where you are)

          • David Lemon

            It was a documentary that’s coming to tv soon.. they showed some of the interviews… and then Shawn interviewed some of the people that appeared in the video.. They all voted for Obama in the last election. They ain’t this time… They were taken in by the hope and the change.. and saw the wrong changes.. and lost the hope…

    • montanaconserv

      I’m surprised they have it here in Missoula… wasn’t expecting it this soon…

      • David Lemon

        Dang.. I may have to drive the 200 miles so I can see it…. Maybe..

      • Maggie

        montanaconserv, I think it’s ending up in numerous smaller venues. It’s driving the Libs crazy. I can’t wait to really talk about it, but I don’t want to spoil it for anyone. Actually, I didn’t intend to make it a big deal – the one hyphenated word – because it may mean nothing to someone else. I knew everything in the documentary but was not bored with it. D’Souza had a unique way of presenting it.

        Have you seen it yet?

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  • ReneeO

    Thanks for your review. We attended an afternoon showing yesterday (8/27) in northwest AR and our experience was similar. We arrived at the multiplex later than normal and scrambled into the first seats we found available.
    As it turned out, the multiplex had slotted screening the film in a smaller theater, but the crowds were large enough, they swapped Bourne to the smaller venue and put 2016 in the larger capacity room.
    On the way out, Hubby and I lingered to gauge the audience demographics: generally, older patrons, couples, some 20-somethings and young marrieds with a generous sprinkling of children … so a good cross-section but a bit heavier on the older set.
    The documentary Hannity highlighted the other evening is called The Hope and the Change and the producers purposely focused on Dems and Independents to get a sense of their 2008 mindset compared to how they see the election in 2012. Here’s a link to the trailer:
    The clips Hannity showed (as well as the discussion he aired with some of the video’s participants) were compelling and reveal the thoughts of people who admit their sense of betrayal.

    • Maggie

      ReneeO, I’m looking forward to The Hope and the Change too. I did a post on it, and went off on a bit of rant. For some reason, I had a hard time sympathizing with those “Reagan Democrats” since the have contributed to my misery and the misery of others – much of it psychological (as in despair) as well as financial.

      I’m glad they’re speaking out and now I hope their get themselves out into the public and haul people to the poles, in the right way, of course.

      I’m just out of patience for the people who did this to this country.

      It’s great to know the reception to 2016 has been good everywhere.

  • Conservative Pup

    Went today with a friend to see it in Moore. Not their largest theater but not their smallest. Went to a 2:00 showing and the theater was probably 3/4 full, which I thought not bad for a Monday afternoon. I thought it was very well done; not a “bashing” of BHO, just factual. I think a more “bashing” film would turn off the people who need to see this. All in all, I think it’s a good start for those who haven’t been paying attention and support BHO because they only watch NBC Evening News.

    At the end as the credits began to roll, the applause began. And grew pretty enthusiastically. Then people began to call out things like, “We can reverse this,” and “Vote him out,” and “Everybody go vote!”

    I’ve never been to a movie that had that kind of reaction at the end, people shouting out stuff. Was great.

    Great review Maggie, I would agree with all you said.

    • Maggie

      Hi Pup, I liked that it didn’t bash, but it laid it out. I could see many in the audience who knew they would not vote for him, and they had good reasons why, but when they left the theater they were ready, willing and able to share what they had learned. Awesome that there was more than applause at yours.

  • LA Sunset

    Now that the movie is getting busy at the box office, the Left is no beginning to marginalize it:

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