Movie Review – 2016: Obama’s America – The Focus on One Hyphenated Word

I slipped off to the third showing of 2016 today in Tulsa at 2:15 pm (Friday). The theater is a large multi-plex that includes an IMAX. I’m picky about my theater seats so usually get there early, but today had a previous appointment, so arrived with about 7 minutes to spare. The parking lot was jammed, and the first clue was, every handicapped parking place was taken (I didn’t need one:-) I found a good single seat high up in the middle of a row. The two seats to my right were empty but taken. The two to my left were the only empty seats on my row. They quickly filled. The entire theater was full, and while it was not the largest theater, it wasn’t small either. When I left, a very long line had formed in the lobby awaiting the next showing at 4:30 pm. No, they weren’t there to see the new Bourne movie. They were there to see 2016: Obama’s America. I confirmed it with the guy at the ticket stand. See two trailers below.

Barack Obama

D’Souza compared how he and Obama were born the same year, married the same year, and if each of them held up their hands for the camera to capture, no one would see a difference. Dinesh D’Souza came to the US to attend Dartmouth. His father advised him not to go – “they’re all White there,” he said. Nevertheless, when he arrived at the University he found the International Student Union and enjoyed the foods from around the world, which he had never seen, and had he not come to the US, he would have probably lived his whole life within one mile of his home in India. Anyway, there’s a scene where the inevitable pony-tailed guy comes up and says something like “man, it must be so liberating to be Indian.” You’ll hear Dinesh’s answer when you see the film.

His interview with George Obama, who is the brother with another mother, was 6 months old when Barack Obama, Sr. died. While we’ve all seen George standing at the gate of his hut, he is an impressive figure, tall and lean and speaks a British English. He doesn’t say a negative word about his brother, carefully sidesteps the opportunity with a few words that indicate he might not be comfortable with an EBT card. He makes one comment that is very telling – the total difference between him and his half-brother who is the President of the United States. See if you can spot it, and come back and tell me what you think.

You’ll learn a lot about Barack Obama, Sr., and hear from a man who was a very close friend of his. The passion and “hate” is still there, and he fairly spits it out. Another telling moment. If you’ve seen the writings of Obama’s father, they are also featured in the documentary.

Visually, the film gives us a close-up look at people who are truly, truly poor in a way that no American can comprehend – even the poorest among us. Watch for the oil drilling and the significance of it.

I don’t want to be a spoiler for the bottom line of the documentary and there is a bottom line. There are no cheap shots – well, only a real moment when Obama is trying to explain to his audience a bit of math, and can’t get it done – but, it’s a real. There are no birther discussions. There are no speculations about Obama’s ‘real’ father, his Social Security card or Selective Service Registration number.

Depending on your attention to politics today, or lack of them, it doesn’t matter what you know or don’t know about Obama. It’s not a boring rehash, it’s a well-designed documentary with smart commentary. You’ll see the bottom line reduced to one hyphenated word that might help you explain a few revelations to your Progressive friends (if you have any), and we all have our Liberal Uncle Louie around. Get to them before they get to the ballot box. Visit the film website here.

George Obama photo credit: Alt Films

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