Missouri Voters Like Mitt’s Small Gov’t, Lower Taxes BUT Akin Loses 9 for Not Wanting to Abort a Child of Rape

Like most Conservatives, I wanted US Congressman Todd Akin to step out of the US Senate race for Missouri when he abhorrently used the “L” word (“legitimate”) about the act of rape. At the time Akin had a nine-point lead over one of the most incompetent  Senators in the country, Claire McCaskill. I’m skipping over the details of Akin refusing to bow out, and the shunning given him by the GOP.  My opinion: IF Akin is the candidate, we MUST get onboard and support him.

I understand that “Independents” are thought to rule the day, but if Independents want smaller government, lower taxes and less spending, why would they shift to McCaskill?

It’s the same thing as saying:

I want to fix America’s financial crisis and would have voted for Aiken for that reason, but now that I know he believes a child of rape should not be aborted, I will vote for McCaskill and let our economic freedom go to hell. I will support continuing Democrat-control of Congress

Abortion is legal in this country and that is not going to change. Most doctors and hospitals will immediately give a rape victim the “morning after pill,” if wanted, and all the other longstanding procedures are available to allow a woman to do what she thinks is right – so why would a once-Akin-supporter give up the economy and a chance to gain control of the Senate for something that will change nothing about our economic freedom?

Let’s look at some of Akin’s voting record: 

He proposed H.R. 6000 to validate the immigration status of aliens receiving federal benefits, voted for the Federal Reserve Transparency Act (passed House), for the repeal of Obamacare (passed), for the Domestic Energy and Jobs Act (passed), against Project Labor Agreements (passed), for Ryan Budget (passed), for returning water to California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Valley Act – to heck with the Delta Smelt act (passed), for the development of Shale Oil Resources (passed), for prohibiting Insider Trading by Government Officials (passed), for amending the budget baseline (passed), against the President’s authority to raise the debt limit (passed), for limiting regulation on Farm Dust (passed), for Congressional approval of regulations (passed).

On the slim chance that some of these may or did make it to the Senate floor, do you think McCaskill would support any one of them? She will not. I don’t agree with a few of Akins votes, but I agree with all of the above and anyone wanting smaller government and U.S. sovereignty should agree with them as well, and reward Aikin for them, because most are lying in a drawer somewhere in the Senate where Claire McCaskill, agreeing with Harry Reid, thinks it is just swell not to bring them up for a vote and allow The People to exercise their full power through their elected officials.

A vote for Claire McCaskill is a vote for Obama’s sponsored infanticide. As an Illinois State Senator, BO was the only legislator to vote NOT to give life saving measures to an aborted child born alive. A vote for Claire McCaskill is a vote for EPA regulations, illegal Presidential Executive Orders and Signing Statements. A vote for Claire McCaskill is a vote for continual downgrades and dumbing-down of education, the DREAM Act and no American energy independence.

Why would a true small government voter abandon Akin at a time when our future hangs on making smart, Constitutional decisions?

If the GOP can get Akin out and come up with a candidate that has a chance of beating McCaskill, that’s well and good. If not, get behind the voting record of Todd Akin. We have everything to lose. Don’t be a part of a continuing nightmare by voting for Claire McCaskill. See details of the Mason Dixon poll at Hot Air where Romney leads, but a Rasmussen Poll tells a different story.

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