Mathilda Klein 94 Does Quick Step in Ballroom Competition: Mathilda Klein Meet Paddy Sarah Paddy Jones

A couple of years ago there was a similar video of a 75-year-old woman dancing the salsa, with, I think, her Grandson. That woman was Sarah Jones, known as “Paddy” to her friends. She took up Salsa in her early 70’s in Spain after her husband died. That video has been around awhile and it is the second one below. The first video is of 94-year-old Mathilda Klein dancing the Quick Step in ballroom competition. Both will make your heart sing. Thanks to NJB and Here Women Talk

Mathilda Klein, 94-years-old

Mathilda Klein does the Quick Step at age 94 (video)

Sarah “Paddy” Jones, 75-years-old

Sara Jones does the Salsa at age 75 (video)

  • A a former ballroom dance instructor and professional national champion, I can attest to the number of wonderful people whose lives were saved through the beauty of dance. It seriously needs to be an Olympic event!! It is every bit as intricate and demanding as gymnastics.