List of Foreign Countries Receiving BILLIONS in Obama Stimulus Funds: Taking American Jobs – Appalling!

If you are not aware that Obama’s obscene $787 BILLION stimulus program now stands at $1.2 TRILLION and growing, please read that story here, but not before taking a look at the foreign companies receiving your tax money from the ever growing Obama Stimulus. Let your friends know the BILLIONS intended to stimulate the American economy, stimulated the rest of the world, and in the tsunami that resulted, thousands of Americans lost their jobs: A record of a President’s stimulus failure goes round the world:

AUSTRALIA: $162,000 for Melanoma Tumor Samples to be sent to the National Cancer Institute

CHINA: Outsourced jobs to China.

● $30 MILLION to an American LED manufacturer to open plants. It did, and half of the company’s employees are now located in China.

● $337 MILLION for an Arizona solar plant – the panels will be supplied by a Chinese solar panel manufacturer.

● GE cancelled a contract with an American manufacturer of parts for Wind Turbines, and then ordered from China. The company, ATI, offered to match the price from China. GE refused the order and the American company laid off 302 workers.

● GE has used Chinese-made Wind Towers over American Towers at Stimulus funded Shepherds Flat Wind Farm in Oregon.

● A solar power company received $5.4 MILLION in grant monies, then laid off America workers based on an increased reliance on imports from China.


● $51.6 MILLION in Obama Stimulus Grants to build factories in the US. Layoff of 180 US workers have been announce,

● and possibly another 1,600 by the end of 2012. $218 MILLION Stimulus grant for wind turbines for the US assembled in Denmark.

● $25 MILLION for the construction of a “Demonstration Scale Biorefinery.”

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Obama Stimulus funds for Renewable Energy Call Center (could have been a US project).

EL SALVADOR: Stimulus funds used to hire hundreds of workers in El Salvador and the Dominican Republic to administer Renewable Energy Appliance Rebate Program (could have been a US project).

FRANCE: Obama Stimulus funds for foreign-made Wind Turbines. $69 MILLION in cash grants

FINLAND: $100,000 to build luxury electric sports cars


● $440 MILLION for Wind Farms before Stimulus was passed. Turbines for US used were manufactured in Germany.

● Another $100 MILLION to Spain in grant monies for Wind Farms. In September 2011, the company announced the would lay-off 10% of their American workforce.


● $39 MILLION in Obama Stimulus funds to build electric delivery trucks.

● Another British private equity firm received $40+ MILLION in Obama Stimulus Funds by buying an American company days before the Stimulus funds were designated.

INDIA: Stimulus funds for Wind Turbines manufactured in India for the US use. $69 MILLION in cash grants.

INDONESIA: $1.5 MILLION to reduce pollution in Jakarta, one of Obama’s home cities


● Obama Stimulus funds for foreign-made Wind Turbines. Italian company, Brevini Wind was given a $12.75 MILLION Tax Credit to manufacture gearboxes in Indiana. The company promised to hire 450 Americans. So far, only 70 jobs have evolved and the facility will not be in operation until late 2013.

● Other Italian Wind Turbine manufacturers received of $84 Million in CASH GRANTS throug Obama’s Stimulus

JAPAN: Before the Obama Stimulus was passed, we sent money to Japan to build a Wind Farm. $91.4 MILLION in grants – 180 Turbines manufactured in Japan by Mitsubishi.

LUXEMBOURG: $31.5 MILLION in Obama Stimulus funds for a Waste Heat Recovery Unit


● Obama Stimulus funds for Mexico. Mexico’s SunPower says some of the solar panels for the $1.3 BILLION stimulus-backed California Solar Valley Ranch will be manufactured in Mexico – not California.

● Another $16 MILLION to create green manufacturing jobs in Mexico, while the US company laid off workers here and sent work to Mexico.

NEW ZEALAND: Stimulus funds go to NZ contractor – work that could have been done by a US contractor. $817,000 awarded to Connexionz to install bus monitors for the city of Santa Clarita.

RUSSIA: We funded a company in Russia. It went bankrupt. Russian investors bought it. $118 MILLION from Obama’s stimulus to produce vehicle batteries. The Russian investor’s company may do work for the US Military!

SPAIN: Obama Stimulus funds for foreign-made Wind Turbines. $1.5 BILLION in loans and grants. The company claimed it had created over 15,000 American jobs but the company has only 850 US-based employees.

SWITZERLAND: A Swiss-based company received $50+ MILLION in Stimulus contracts for Smart Grid Meters. Cathy Zoi, a former Obama Energy Department Official held over $250,000 in stock in the company. Zoi has previously served as an Executive Director with the company before joining the Obama administration.

THAILAND: $200 BILLION for General Motors plant in Thailand – after GM took a taxpayer-funded bailout they build the Thailand lant to build diesel engines for the Chevy Colorado Pickup truck.

VIETNAM: GE builds Wind Turbine plant. GM’s GE’s Jeffery Immelt chairs the President’s Job Council and GM received over $1.2 BILLION in Obama Stimulus funds.


● Obama Stimulus funded America jobs used to hire foreign nationals. $300 MILLION to manufacturer electric vehicle batteries after building plants in Michigan. Unions are balking and saying foreign nationals are being brought in to fill jobs for Americans.

● The Department of Energy admits that 11 of 18 contractors are Asian firms. $179 MILLION for parts from South Korea.

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Graphic credit to Vicki McClure Davidson at Frugal Cafe. She has the details on the Obama Stimulus money used to relocate a Manzanita Shrub growing “wild.” 

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  • montanaconserv

    I place the blame on our Democrats (progressives) in Congress for passing this P.O.S. legislature. The GOP needs to make this part of their campaign. I don’t think everyone knows how badly the progressives have screwed us.

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  • Marc

    The list fails to include $300 Billion sent to Brazil to help them with offshore drilling.

    • Marc, I’ve tried to confirm that the $300B came from the Stimulus, but I think it was a separate transaction. I could be wrong.

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  • B. Johnson

    Note that Justice Joseph Story had reflected that Congress cannot use the general welfare clause (1.8.1) as an excuse to lay taxes to provide funding for foreign entities.

    “If the tax be not proposed for the common defence, or general welfare, but for other objects, wholly extraneous, (as for instance, for propagating Mahometanism among the Turks, or giving aids and subsidies to a foreign nation, to build palaces for its kings, or erect monuments to its heroes,) it would be wholly indefensible upon constitutional principles.” –Justice Joseph Story, Commentaries on the Constitution 2 (1833).

    • B. Johnson – great comment. I think this came from Obama’s stash and so, if the mind of Democrats it has nothing to do with “taxes.” So corrupt!

      • Pissed off

        Why would Obama “have a stash” of anything, as President?

        • Pissed off

          I’d like to add- some of my ancestors came to the Colonies in 1654. If this gets worse, I may leave the country.

  • Maggie,
    That brown nosing Jeffery Immelt runs GE, not GM.

    • Thanks Sidney. I started the sentence off correctly! GE and GM are both such taxpayer abusers. I appreciate the headsup, and made the correction.

  • … kinda chaps my a$$ …

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  • Whitehall

    Let’s not forget that a corporate arm of the French government, Areva, got a $2 billion loan guarantee for a uranium enrichment plant in Idaho. The US taxpayer is backstopping the French taxpayer with this guarantee.

    While it will create US jobs, one company has started production from their enrichment plant in the US without government loan guarantee and the US competitor was told no license and no loan guarantee.

    Something is VERY crooked with this French deal, as much as I support nuclear power.

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  • What a travesty for our country! Obummer has the nerve to say a friggin’ word to anyone else running for office when he & his partners in crime have done a lousy criminal takeover of the United States government. Obama is a Muslim Usurper. illegal as Hell. Given the opportunity I would spit in his nasty face. I can’t stand to look at Obummer or hear his voice on TV, I mute the TV, this is so-oooo disgusting – too hard to read about the waste. We need to stick a windmill in BO”S brainless head and fly that sumbitch to the moon.

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