Legal Insurrection Now With a Look at College Insurrection

Professor William Jacobson’s Legal Insurrection is spinning off another of his own,  College Insurrection. While he moves forward with his own rebellion against insurrection, we’ll now hear about the reality of what is happening in the halls of “higher learning.” Here’s an opportunity to know what younger Americans are being taught so that you can find a university for your own almost adult child – such as one not leading it’s own insurrection against the country where your grandchildren will grow up. You might hear of the fairly treasonous papers assigned, or the rude and inappropriate behavior toward a conservative student and his/her family – all the many little annoyances that happen to be undermining our Constitution, that we ignore, because it has been that way for such a very long time. So bookmark College Insurrection and check in over there so that you become one of the empowered parents who know little things about the sex-and-God situation at Yale…for starters.

College Insurrection


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  • Badly overdue- One of my bloggers just posted on it, something like 9 out of 10 professors are democrats