Lance Armstrong: Seven Tour de France World Titles Stripped, Olympics Bronze Gone, Money Awards Gone for Life

I haven’t followed this story other than to know Lance Armstrong was under investigation and fighting back hard against charges that he has long used performance enhancing drugs to achieve his cycling successes. I have no perception of whether it is true, or if teammates couldn’t handle the seven straight wins, or the World couldn’t handle one more powerfully adept American competitor, or that he is guilty. Today, it seems it is over, and he has been stripped of seven Tour de France titles. He will be banned from the event for life. Fox and Friends this minute is saying ten witnesses, including some his closest teammates are waiting in the wings to testify against him, although the International Cycling Union has backed him in the past.

Lance Armstrong

Armstrong, who retired last year, declined to enter USADA’s arbitration process — his last option — because he said he was weary of fighting accusations that have dogged him for years. He has consistently pointed to the hundreds of drug tests that he has passed as proof of his innocence during his extraordinary run of Tour titles stretching from1999-2005. Source Tampa Bay OnLine

Wall Street Journal:

 “Say what you will about what I did or didn’t do ten years ago, they’re not playing by the rules,” Mr. Armstrong said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal earlier this summer. “Here’s the deal, athletes cheating in sport, that’s bad. But what these guys are doing is far worse. The levels they have gone to try to f— me and rig this thing are far worse than any athlete taking a transfusion or some EPO. This is far dirtier.”…

In 2010, Mr. Armstrong’s former teammate, Floyd Landis, sent a series of emails to cycling officials in which he made allegations of doping on Mr. Armstrong’s former cycling team and accused Mr. Armstrong of doping during his career. The existence of the emails was first reported by The Wall Street Journal….

Mr. Armstrong was diagnosed with testicular cancer in 1996. He came back to win the sport’s biggest race—the Tour de France—in 1999. He went on to win six more Tour de France titles in a row, beating the previous record of five. Mr. Armstrong’s autobiography, “It’s Not About the Bike,” was a best seller.

Not only has he always passed his drug tests, he has never tested positive.

Armstrong, a survivor of testicular cancer and major fundraiser for research through his Livestrong foundation, had until Thursday night to inform the USADA if he would fight the charges, with his last option arbitration. The cycling champion refused that option, saying the USADA was ”on a witch hunt” and that the agency didn’t have the authority to impose a lifetime ban. Source: LA Times

New York Times:

But even without a positive test, the antidoping agency appeared set to move forward with arbitration. It claimed to have more than 10 eyewitnesses who would testify that Armstrong used banned blood transfusions, the blood booster EPO, testosterone and other drugs to win the Tour. Some of Armstrong’s closest teammates, including George Hincapie — one of the most respected American riders — were also expected to testify against him.

The antidoping agency also said it had blood test results of Armstrong’s from 2009 and 2010 that were consistent with doping.

Armstrong says his decision to give-up the fight is NOT an admission of guilt, but the USADA (US Anti-Doping Association) is spinning it that way.

  • David

    It’s sad that there’s a corruption of morality in the world but it always seems ironic to some degree when an atheist like Armstrong can recognize immorality and corruption but does not recognize God. He’s intelligent and a world champion athlete who has overcome tremendous difficulties in his life. Most people can relate to his struggles. But I can’t help but think this is sort of like a liberal who votes for socialism just to find they have lost their job because of the destructive progressive policies that goes along with that. Armstrong had his run and he’s fortunate to have achieved so much. Maybe now he will want to look to a higher authority than man for morality. But probably not.

  • “Witch Hunt”? More like Lance was hiding something. If he was innocent of the charges he would have fought the last fight. But I believe that the USADA had proof of his doping.

    Cheaters always get caught!

    • “If he was innocent of the charges he would have fought the last fight.”

      Really? Do you have any idea what the costs of such a “fight” may be, financial and otherwise? You know for certain, then, that Lance has infinitely deep pockets and plenty of spare time… and that the forces arrayed aren’t actually the ones cheating? That the “witnesses” aren’t corrupted, envious, greedy – pure as the wind-driven manure?

      Yours is an assumption without basis; a judgement without evidence.

      I hope down the road, for your sake, you’ll never have to defend your honor against those who would trash your ‘presumption of innocence’ before substantive proof of your guilt is brought.

      I’ll hold my verdict. Government agencies claimed to have “consensus” on AGW, too. “Witnesses” lie, tests don’t. If Lance is a cheat, that’s between him and G-d.

  • fsm_47

    Why are we wasting time and taxpayer money on nanny-state stuff like USADA and situations like this. Sports are entertainment; not life changing important. Let the different sports authorities handle things at their expense.

    • fsm_47, the Board of Directors is full of past Olympic athletes and physicians. When the money and endorsements are big, I can understand that competitors who are clean don’t want to lose to someone who is not, and someone must do oversight, but this is ridiculous. 500 drug tests and never one failed. It doesn’t make sense.

  • Listened to Rush today and he said there hasn’t been any evidence that Armstrong was doping. Lance took a lot of tests and none came up positive that I know of. This is a witch hunt against success and those that excel and overcome the odds. Liberals hate success.

    • Teresa, I heard that – something like 500 drug tests he has passed – never failed one. Today, proof means nothing when confronted with evil. If these men saw so much, why weren’t telling authorities at that time?

  • David

    Obama can be a “Choom Gang” leader and admit to taking a variety of illegal drugs which is considered a resume enhancer for President by his party but Armstrong passes over 500 drug tests and has never ever failed a drug test in his life but is stripped of all of his achievements by the very same people.

  • To everyone, when I wrote this, I really didn’t know much about it other than he had a number of witnesses to the act of him doing whatever he is accused of doing.

    Then I began hearing of 500 drug tests and never once tested positive. Two of the men who lost to him have already been stripped of their medals, but were going to testify against him, so I suspect jealousy and maybe politics. Perhaps it’s time for some country other than the hoggy-old-US to win.

    What ever their proof, unless it’s photos, seems they have only someone else’s word, and no proof at all.

    I’m on his side in this. They need to explain the hundreds of negative drug tests.