Jan Brewer Fights Obama With an Executive Order: Denies Taxpayer Benefits to Illegals

So can he take her away in handcuffs? I don’t think so. Maybe he’ll hold her in “contempt.” Arizona Governor Jan Brewer issued her own Executive Order today ordering state agencies to stop issuing all driver’s license and work permits to illegal immigrants hoping to live large and legal under Obama’s new version of the DREAM Act.

Jan Brewer

In an executive order, Brewer said she was reaffirming the intent of current Arizona law denying taxpayer-funded public benefits and state identification to illegal immigrants…

The U.S. Supreme Court in June overturned parts of the Arizona enforcement law known as SB1070 but ruled that a key provision on requiring police to ask people about their immigration status under certain circumstances can be implemented.

The Obama administration challenged that law in 2010 after Brewer signed it into law.

In the past decade, Arizona voters twice approved laws denying publicly funded services, such as in-state resident university tuition rates, to illegal immigrants unless mandated by the federal government.

Brewer’s order said the policy’s federal paperwork doesn’t confer lawful status on illegal immigrants and won’t entitle them to Arizona public benefits.

However, it said the policy change “could result in some unlawfully present aliens inappropriately gaining access to public benefits contrary to the intent of Arizona voters and lawmakers who enacted laws expressly restricting access to taxpayer funded benefits and state identification.”

Brewer directed state agencies to start any necessary emergency rulemaking processes to implement her order. Source: ABC15

Tammy Bruce:

If Obama thinks he can unleash a scortched earth policy in every single state, he just got a message that’s not going to happen. Especially sweet? She’s blocking this dangerous nonsense in the same fashion Obama delivered it–through an executive order :) The more we can keep this at bay until after Romney is inaugurated, the easier it will be to reverse.

Yes, protestors are in the streets, and all this on the day BO’s “deferred action for child arrivals” went into effect.

Brewer ended her order by slamming Obama, writing that an estimated 80,000 immigrants would leave “significant and lasting impacts on the Arizona budget, its health care system and additional public benefits that Arizona taxpayers fund.” Source: Business Insider

It will be interesting to see what ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement) does about this. You know, 7,000 ICE agents voted ‘No Confidence’ in their “acting” director, John Morton. No one at Homeland Security cared. He’s still there.

Governor Jan Brewer is a courageous woman. I’d love to see her at the head of Homeland Security one day soon, displacing former Arizona Governor Janet Napolitano. Wouldn’t that be great payback? H/T BadBlue

  • Nolan

    Very glad for Jan doing all she can. We have supported the Arizona defense fund and the Fence fund and we have also contributed to Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

    Joe needs more help and any contributions to his re elect fund will help Jan hold on to an extremely important part of her enforcement arm. They are a great team but they need each other. We don’t want to lose Joe to a politically correct do nothing. Lets all help Joe get re elected.

    • Nolan, I’ve also donated to Joe. I wouldn’t mind seeing Joe at Homeland Security along with Brewer.

  • Ref:”So can he take her away in handcuffs?”

    I don’t thinks so! But I do believe Sheriff Joe Arpaio has the legal authority to put the cuffs on Holder and Obama.

    Don’t ya just love Jan Brewer!!! The only one to stand up to the dictator-in-chief!

    • Norm, Yes, I do love Jan Brewer!

  • A.Men

    Where are the Republicans?! obama can do any lawless thing he wants?!

    • A.Men, It take Congress, including the Senate to overturn what he does that is not sanctioned by them. With this Senate that won’t happen. Before Clinton and Monica, even the Democrats would have stopped the lawlessness. Not today.

      Republicans, however, should be screaming about this and every other unlawful edict he has put on the people.

  • Arizona has been at the forefront in defense of the Tenth Amendment for all of DuhWon’s term. Keep it up Jan!

  • dan’l

    One thing better than seeing Brewer as head of DHS would be seeing DHS defunded and dissolved.