Iowan Ross Murty Village Corner Deli Caters for Obama Wearing “Govt Didn’t Build My Business” T-Shirt

Isn’t this delicious. Murty catered for Obama’s Wednesday visit to Iowa and wore the T-shirt you see in the photo below. Now I hope he gets paid, cause you know…the word is out – sometimes the Obama’s walk out on the bill.

Ross Murty, Village Corner Deli in Davenport, Iowa

DAVENPORT, Iowa — Ross Murty likes business, but he doesn’t like President Obama.

And so the co-owner of the Village Corner Deli here agreed to cater Obama’s visit Wednesday — but not before donning a T-shirt blaring the message: “Government didn’t build my business. I did.”

“No one from the government was there when we were sweating it, when we were building this business,” Murty said. Before him was a bank of chafing dishes filled with smoked beef brisket, pulled pork, vegetable parmesan bake and cheesy hash brown casserole provided to the White House press corps covering the president’s three-day swing across Iowa this week.

But here’s the rest of the story:

Murty, 45, a registered Republican, didn’t really have a choice with the catering job. His partner, Bret Dalton (a registered Democrat), accepted the work on Saturday while Murty was away in Chicago watching a Cubs game.

Read the rest of the story about this partnership, Murty and Dalton. After all, “business is business.” In a related story, Chris McMurray at Virginia’s Crumb and Get It Cookie Shop refused a Biden visit, cuz “You Didn’t Build That.

Photo Credit: Nikki Kahn/The Washington Post.

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  • mike williams

    hey ross murty you didnt build your bussiness your customers did,without them you would be on food stamps

    • Mike Williams, had ross murty and his partner not had a vision, there would be no business. Apparently they know what they are doing, because they have customers. If they were not doing it well, there would be no customers. Sheeeeesh!

  • Dean Smith

    Comment deleted by blog owner due to inappropriate content.

    • Tonia

      Dean Smith, I happen to be from Davenport and have been to the Corner Deli. I know Ross Murty. He and his partner (business partners, not lovers) are very hard working individuals. He was not complaining that he didn’t have any help building his business. That is actually something to be proud of! And where in the hell do you get that he is a racist? I’m so tired of that so called arguement! And to your comment below, don’t believe everything you hear. THEIR SANDWHICHES ARE DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Joey

        Dean Smith is a RACIST! Boycott Dean. BTW, I found your IP address. Will post your address so everyone can boycott you soon.

        • Really, Joey? I now have your IP address AND your home address. How about I post those?

      • Tonia, THANK YOU! I’m deleting these comments which are backup by nothing but Democrat rage.

        Again, thank you!

  • Dean Smith

    Comment deleted by blog owner due to inappropriate content.

    • Dean Smith – is the same thing as “the word is out?” You won’t trash Murty here.

  • Dean Smith

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  • Kent Sanders

    The guy clearly did not build his business totally on his own. Had he, for example, been born in an impoverished country, his business might not have had much of a chance.

    And while I do not know the specifics at this guy angry at Obama, small businesses, while whining about the government, are often huge welfare leeches, gettin all sorts of small business loans.