Hollywood Outsourcers: Dark Knight’s Gotham Scenes Filmed in UK China – It’s The Hypocrisy, Stupid!

Hollywood studios have an important first question when deciding if a movie is worth funding: where can I do the actual filming, and avoid union dues for the little guys working on the film? Answer: Anywhere outside the U.S. Example: The Dark Knight Rises: 21 of 38 locations in the UK and CHINA. Example of a movie set in the U.S., but filmed outside the U.S.: Chicago: 4 of 5 locations were filmed in Canada. Thousands and thousand of jobs are outsourced by rich Hollywood studios and producers.

George Clooney – Barack Obama

Hollywood wants every tax break it can get – no different from any red-blooded, smart American entrepreneur. Nothing wrong with that other than the hypocrisy of the uber-wealthy in the film industry who are pals with Barack Obama, raise money for him and then get it back from him in spades through funding the National Endowment of the Arts, invitations to the White House, Obama hanging out with them at their estate  – oh, the stories to tell the grandkids:

Another week, another Hollywood fundraiser for President Obama. And why not? From George Clooney’s house in Los Angeles to Sarah Jessica Parker’s townhouse in Manhattan, the Hollywood crowd has been a virtual ATM for the Obama campaign.
All that Hollywood cash has helped pay for ads hammering Mitt Romney for maximizing profits by shipping American jobs overseas during his time at the helm of Bain Capital. But Hollywood knows a thing or two about outsourcing too.

Morgan Freeman recently gave the Obama campaign $1M dollars while making bundles from his appearance in Batman where the city of Gotham is prime (and who does not visualize New York City when they think of Gotham?). Batman is an American hero. China and UK residents cashed in.

…black filmmakers here in the USA really should consider looking at Nigeria as a potential source [location]…Source: IndiWire

Nigeria – only one of many – funds Hollywood projects.

Freeman was asked about his favorites among the movies he has made and said anything with Clint Eastwood, and specifically Sum Of All Fears:

When Hollywood calls on the Pentagon to help make war movies more realistic, taxpayers help pay for some of the big-budget costs.

For Hollywood, real aircraft and genuine soldiers help spice up the special effects of war movies. Plus, it makes production costs cheaper. In the new film The Sum of All Fears, for example, the film’s producers paid about $1 million for scenes involving an aircraft carrier.

“If we had to do that ourselves it would have cost $3- to $4 million … that’s just a guess,” said Mace Neufeld, producer of the Paramount film based on the Tom Clancy novel of the same name.

In one scene, an actor playing the president is rescued from an overturned car. Real helicopters and actual Marines save him. The production company paid for flight time, but not for the Marines.

“So they were actually doing an exercise for us, and I don’t think that actors dressed up in uniforms and the helicopters we could have gotten would have given us the same feeling of reality,” said Neufeld.

When taxes on small business owners are raised, the Pentagon can pal with Hollywood on a larger scale. Anyone thinking Hollywood isn’t funding Obama campaign ads claiming Romney is an outsourcer – ridiculous. It’s the hypocrisy, stupid.

Let’s talk about the town of “Hollywood.” Why is it taxpayers should pay for bus shelters in a city where it seldom rains, where the sun always shines, the wind is moderate and temperatures seldom get below 60 degrees?

HOLLYWOOD — The bid to buy American really paid off for Hollywood, which may be getting $500,000 worth of state-of-the-art bus shelters for free.

The 19 shelters were to be paid for with federal stimulus money, which specifies that products must be manufactured in the U.S. and all components be of American origin.
Because the Michigan-based vendor used Canadian steel, the Federal Transportation Administration has refused to let the county pay for them. So, for nearly four months, the unassembled shelters have sat in a rain-soaked cardboard heap in an Oakland Park storage yard while the vendor, county and federal government haggled over what to do.

It’s called “payback.”

Same Sex Marriage – big payoff. Obama campaigned on one-man one-woman constituting legal marriage. Not in this election season:

“Mr. Obama’s announcement on Wednesday that he now supported same-sex marriage should assure him a warm reception at the Clooney residence,” the Times reports.

The Times also says: “Norman Lear, the television producer, said moments after the announcement that he and his wife, Lyn, who had held back from giving money to Mr. Obama, would now contribute the maximum allowed, $80,000 between them. ‘This is the kind of leadership we support, and we are happy to max out today to his re-election campaign,’ he said.”

Anyone believing Obama’s traditional marriage stance was sincere in 2008 was not paying attention.

But you know, it’s not all bad because the Teamsters, a public sector union, is getting slammed, maybe SEIU, right along with the industry’s private sector unions. I have no problems with “outsourcing” when it makes sense for a business but the irony is a belly laugh, isn’t it?

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Oh Sheesh! Grumpy Opinions Links and says Chicago has put up an “historical marker” where BO and MO shared a first kiss! Was it stimulus?

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  • A.Men

    Thug from chicago, obama, is NOT likable. He thinks the American taxpayer is too stupid to notice. Oh, they notice!

    Roomney 2012.

  • Those two ‘LOVE BIRDS’ Looney and Obambi are a dead giveaway in that nasty picture.
    Kissy, Kissy – sissy bastards! Guess ‘Looney’ has been waiting for the right gay mate, huh? What do you know, Obambi has arrived for his coming out of the closet party. Wonder which one will be the woman, don’t guess it really matters, but it might matter to Rahm Emanuel who by now is really jealous. Harry Reid is probably wanting in on this Ménage à trois,
    “Oh never mind the ‘little’ things.” Sleezy Life in the WH will go on as usual. Kennedy, Clinton had their whore women, OBAMA WILL HAVE HIS BITCH MEN!
    THE WORD IS OUT, V. Jarret, N.Pelosi, D. Schultz, cocks$$#@$ weren’t good enough to out do Clooney. Michelle can now go on with her secret service affair, (if) there is someone that would want that ugly monkey????

    • Mimi Wells

      I find your commentary offensive and as sophomoric as those you are ridiculing. There is a plethora of genuine issues of disagreement that are harmful to this country. You distract to the point where I can not help thinking that you are a plant rather than sincerely concerned about the direction this country is going.

  • And does anyone wonder why I don’t go to movies any more. Between the lack or morals of the so-called stars and the liberal ideology in the films, I cannot sit more than 5 minutes before I am sick.

  • A.Men

    I don’t go to liberal movies, either.

    I will go to Obama 2016, the movie. It’s done by Dinesh, a Constitutional Conservative.

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