Hillary Clinton Management Nightmare: Spends Millions on ClimateGate – No Bookkeeping – No Records

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has allowed tens of millions of dollars to flow to foreign countries to fight “climate change.” Your money and mine, friends, and she and her powerful deputies haven’t a clue where it went, or they know…but don’t want you to know, so have no records.

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton

The audit report, issued last month by the State Department’s Office of the Inspector General (OIG), casts an unflattering spotlight on a relatively obscure branch of the State Department that supervises climate change spending, and depicts it as over-extended in its responsibilities, unstaffed in critical monitoring posts, and more concerned with spending money than in monitoring its effectiveness…

A Toast to American Naivete?

The OIG report points to a host of lapses in the way OES/EGC has supervised climate change spending, based on what the OIG observed in a sampling of climate change projects between 2006 and 2010, when the overall spending tab amounted to some $214 million.

The OIG sampling involved $34 million of the total. Source: Fox News

This page has a “sample selection” of the programs, and while the spending abroad seems to be the focus of the article, Oakland and Berkley received funds, along with Washington, DC and Pittsburgh, PA. India is the only foreign country listed in the “sample.”

The Fox reports says the OIG report may show lower spending than is reality, as Obama’s spending on “international climate change projects” accelerated between 2010 and summer 2012.

According  to a State Department website, the U.S. has contributed some $5.1 billion in climate change funding to developing countries in 2010 and 2011 alone, with additional money still pouring forth in 2012.

Read the transcript of the complete Inspector General Report here. Spending American taxpayer dollars on foreigners is a huge thrill to these people. A pox on them, please.

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