Harry Reid Victim Comes Forward: Victim ID Withheld But Semi-Blacked-Out Photo Available

Doug Ross has the details. Follow the link in the article. I don’t think there has ever been a time when a charge against the Majority Leader of the US Senate rose to this level.

  • I suspected such. An evil man!

  • Hypocrites? By all means, Hypocrites be they name!

    Harry Reid wants to see more of Mitt Romney’s past income-tax filings. Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants to see 23 years of his taxes. This, from the die-hard supporters of a candidate who will not release his college transcripts or so much more. I want to know how Barack Obama got into Columbia University for undergraduate school.
    We learned that Bush, a “C” student with a 77 average, had scored one point higher than Kerry, who graduated with a 76 GPA. Bush got a “D” in astronomy, while Kerry scored four “D” grades as a freshman. That year alone, Kerry scored 68 in each of two history courses and a 69 in political science. Indeed, the media could compare them. I want to know Barack Obama’s grades! And I want to know them NOW before the election!
    I want to see his application. I want to know who funded his college education.
    Did he seek extra consideration, as did Elizabeth Warren in applying for her academic opportunities, by claiming to be a member of a demographic group favored by affirmative action?
    Mitt Romney has complied with the law. If the Democrats want to argue that “tradition” implies that presidential candidates should release more tax returns, then tradition also teaches that presidential candidates should release school transcripts.
    To slander and defame an American who is a candidate for the Presidency is shameless. Something we already know very well about these lying SOB’s called Liberals, Progressives, Communist Slime balls

    • tnscooterman

      I want to see it all too..

  • The word got out, huh! Reid fits the profile of a pedophile. He wants Obama elected to be able to hide his dirty secrets. Maybe Reid and Jerry Sandusky should get together and stay together, behind bars. Reprobates reek of that evil, just the look on Reid’s face is demonic. So are his sinister partner’s in crime.

  • Disgraced Penn State President Hired by Obama Administration for Top Secret National Security Post, Humm?????

    THE WORD IS OUT: Sandusky’s ‘Second Mile’ pimped out young boys to top political players. Harry Reid is right in the middle of this scandal, among other things.
    Oh the travesty of the Obama Regime!!!