Fast Furious Questions About Romney-Ryan DOJ: Can It Criminally Prosecute a Chicago Bound Eric Holder?

Congressman Darrell Issa and the House Oversight Committee filed the civil lawsuit yesterday against Attorney General Eric Holder in the Fast and Furious case. To be clear, there are no charges that Holder had anything to do with Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry’s death, or the walking of guns across the U.S. border into Mexico. The charges are simply that Holder has ignored subpoenas and withheld Fast and Furious documents from Congress, and thus, is in Contempt of Congress. The documents are the starting point to actual prosecutions of criminal and civil liability in one of the worst acts of Government against The People’s Second Amendment rights in our Nation’s history. It is reasonable to assume the civil litigation will not be resolved before the election, and perhaps not by the time Obama and Company exit Washington, D.C. It begs the question, what can a Romney-Ryan White House do about it?

The House voted for both criminal and civil Contempt of Congress. Obama’s spokeskid, Jay Carney, announced in June that the White House will NOT act to direct the DOJ to prosecute Holder criminally on the Contempt of Congress charges – with Obama claiming Executive Privilege. So the only avenue is civil “justice” for The People to force the administration to produce documents that many of us believe will show Fast and Furious was devised to weaken Second Amendment rights, and along the way managed to kill a Border Patrol agent.

The question: when we have an Romney-Ryan DOJ, which will undoubtedly be a strong Second Amendment protector, can and/or will the new DOJ be directed to take up the criminal charges against Holder for ignoring subpoenaed documents, which will be the only way to eventually receive justice for Agent Brian Terry, and hold Eric Holder accountable?

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