Fast and Furious Firing? Nope! William Hoover Allowed to Resign

Among the many complicit in the DOJ and ATF’s Operation Fast and Furious gunwalking scandal, is Deputy Director William Hoover (serving under an Acting Director). In the wake of a report by Congressman Darrell Issa (R-CA) and Senator Chuck Grassley (R-IA), Hoover was allowed to resign – so far, not a single firing in this horrid government betrayal of this country and Mexico.

William Hoover

I can read, even most small print, but I don’t see Eric “my people” Holder nor Barack “Gotti” Obama’s names on that list anywhere. And how is that, we must ask? ~ Ms Cellaneous @ waznmentobe

The ‘man-in-charge,’ other than Obama and Eric Holder is Ken Melson, Acting Director of the ATF. We haven’t had a Director who hasn’t ‘acted’ since 2006 because Democrats want an anti-gun-nominee approved.

What? You don’t believe that, or worse, you think it’s a reasonable position? Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry was murdered with a weapon these lawless agencies allowed to be taken into Mexico. While on border patrol, armed only with a gun shooting bean bags, Terry was shot and died.

Fast and Furious

Acting Director Ken Melson disappeared somewhere inside the mammoth DOJ complex. Hasn’t been heard from since Eric Holder summoned him to D.C. from Arizona and sequestered him. A Free Republic reader suggested we check Fort Marcy Park.

Melson cooperated with Issa’s investigation until his sequestration began. He is also named as one of the ‘responsibles’ in the report. If he isn’t yet in Fort Marcy Park, perhaps he will also resign and tell the story he has wanted to tell all along. In the past, he said he was not going to be the DOJ’s “fall guy.” Obama’s White House Security advisor at the time, Kevin O’Reilly, was banished to Baghdad, Iraq. He says he will testify if the White House will allow it. Bwwwwwhahahahaha. Not happening.

Along with Hoover and Melson, William Newell and William McMahon are named. Two more reports are expected and it will be obscene if Holder and Obama are left off of the guilty list.

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