Family Research Council: Leo Johnson Guard Shot in Lobby: 28 Yr Old Virginia Gunman May Be Wounded

The Family Research Council’s Washington, D.C. office had a shooting in the lobby today. The gunman reportedly walked into the building and made comments about FRC’s conservative “policies.” A guard, Leo Johnson, was wounded in the arm, but continued to struggle with the gunman, said to be a 28-year-old Virginia man, along with other guards. Some accounts are saying the gunman was also shot. Police led the unnamed offender off in handcuffs. I’ll have ongoing updates here as the story develops.


UPDATE 1:30 pm CDT: The gunman, who shot the guard, asked the guard not to shoot him, saying his complaint was with the Family Research Council and their policies, and not the guard. They are always cowards, aren’t they? The claim that this is still considered by the FBI as an Act of Domestic Terrorism still stands.

UPDATE 1pm CDT: FBI says gunman was posing as an intern at Family Research Council. Whether he actually had worked there, or identified himself as an intern when he entered, is unclear. I believe he identified when he entered.

The Family Research Council is one of our Nation’s most influential conservative Christian organizations. They have the distinction of being so effective with their traditional values agenda that the vile Southern Poverty Law Center lists them as a “hate” group along with the Ku Klux Klan.  

The shooting took place either near or at the offices of the Family Research Council, which is located at 801 G Street, about a block west of the Verizon Center.

The guard, who was shot in the arm, was conscious and breathing after the incident. A suspect, who ABC 7’s Jennifer Donelan reports was led out of the building in handcuffs, is in custody. Source: ABC7

LifeNews also reports two were shot, the guard and the gunman:

WJLA News indicates the security guard and the suspect were reportedly shot at the Family Research Council headquarters, located in the Chinatown section of Washington.

Fox News just reported authorities referring to the attack as “domestic terrorism.”