Empire State Building: Shooting Outside – Gunman Down, Others Shot 8-24-12

Fox News is confirming that “multiple people shot near Empire State Building in Manhattan.” I heard verbal reports on Fox that the gunman is down. Around 9 am EDT is the estimated event time. I’ll have ongoing details, and remember that all details are early and whatever is said confirmed, is likely not totally confirmed.

Empire State Building

UPDATED 11:06 EDT: Gunman’s name is Jeffrey Johnson, 53, according to Ray Kelly, NYPD Chief. The original victim shot by the gunman was 41 years old, name withheld pending notification. Johnson left the scene of the killing of his boss and on the streets, was encountered by police. Johnson drew his weapon and gunfire resulted. According to Bloomberg, Johnson has no police record. No children were involved. Other victims are 2 women and 7 men. A construction worker saw something and identified Johnson to police. At this time it is not known if the gunman, Johnson fired any rounds when encountered police Security cameras clearly show gunman with his weapon drawn. “Everything” happened outside. Hazan is located near but not in the Empire State Building Everyone else shot were “grazed.” (according to Bloomberg). So the report of a woman dying were early and wrong.

UPDATED 11:06 EDT: Brosnan is now saying the gunman killed his former boss. Charlie Gasparino is reporting that the gunman was a designer of ladies handbags at Hazan Imports on 11th floor 10th 34th Street (not the Empire State Building). Unconfirmed whether the manager of Hazan Imports who was shot and killed by the gunman was shot on the 11th floor or elsewhere. Now saying the gunman was in his fifties. STILL UNCONFIRMED.

UPDATED 11:02 EDT: Pat Brosnan on Fox says gunman shot his boss in the face. The first shooting was one block away, which proceeding in a police chase down the streets and sidewalks. Brosnan says two dead and at least five others wounded.

UPDATED 10:56 EDT: Gunman said to be a middle-aged man, casually dressed. Further reports that the gunman was employed at the Empire State Building, and either did, or tried, to shoot his boss – AND STILL UNCONFIRMED.

UPDATED 10:26 EDT: Initial theory that gunman was a guard at the Empire State Building, but still not confirmed. Fox now saying the report of a second person dead are NOT confirmed.

UPDATED 10:16 EDT: Now Fox saying NYPD says 10 people are shot.

UPDATED 10:11 EDT: Fox now reporting that police confirm that police shot the gunman. The gunman did not kill himself.

UPDATED 10:10 EDT: Fox saying police say 10 people were injured, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they were shot. Still no confirmation of whether the gunman killed himself or was shot by someone else.

UPDATED 10:05 EDT: Fox reporting that the gunman was an employee at the Empire State building, or inside somewhere inside the building. He was fired yesterday, came back today and shot a man in the face. A security guard for a shop at the base of the Empire State Building said that he heard 7 or 8 rounds being fired, but the guard was not a witness to the actual shooting.

UPDATED 10:02 EDT: Again a report that was not a robbery, but an incident of a fired worker returning, firing and killing. 5th Avenue is shutdown between 33rd St. and 34th Street.

UPDATED 10:00 EDT: Fox now saying police are saying this appears now to be workplace violence – the gunman fired from job, and came back shooting. Fox says this reporting is “murky” (but does come from police.)

Young woman shot in hip and fell down. The shooter dead, young white boy, as reported by a woman interviewed who saw this happen.

UPDATED 9:55 EDT: A Fox reporter, Jackie Boothby was on the scene. Said she heard shots, people started running, and Boothby said a shot woman fell at her feet. She saw about 4 people on the ground.

UPDATED 9:49 EDT: Fox saying police have confirmed 5 persons shot, including gunman.

UPDATED 9:45 EDT: Shooting site now said to be at two sites: 5th Avenue and 34th Street and 10 E. 33rd. The building is NOT OPEN TO TOURISTS, although have been allowed back inside. A third person reported shot and in critical condition. There may be a fourth person injured.

Fox says police sources said the gunman was firing “indiscriminately

UPDATED 9:43 EDT: NYPD, male perpetrator is dead. Reuters saying no connection to terrorism. Still trying to confirm that woman is also dead. Unknown if police are injured. Unknown if any shooting happened in side the building, but blood stains are reported on sidewalk outside. Tenants being allowed back inside the building – confirmed by police to David Lee Miller (Fox).


UPDATED 9:40 EDT: Fox and Friends is reporting this was a robbery and the gunman is dead. 33rd and 5th is the location. The gunman was a male, and there are reports that he killed himself. Fox David Lee Miller is reporting there were 9 shots. All ambulances have left. The scene is still secure.

Two dead now reported, one a female not involved with gunman.

FOX 5 News has learned that at least three people have been shot.

The scene is chaotic as people make their way to work in the heavily trafficked area.

One person is in police custody. Source: Fox5