Drama Queen Gay Guys Taunt Man Reading Bible Outside Chick-fil-A: Chicago Values on Full Display

These shameful drama queens brought along their sidewalk chalk to harass a man quietly thumbing through his Bible. The fussified little jerks took photos, pointed fingers and one shouted “I do hate God.” All happened in Chicago with full Chicago values on display.  Legal Insurrection was on the scene (full story here). Photo credit: Legal Insurrection videoH/T American Power Blog.

American Power has a report on violence of Chick-fil-A property in Torrence, California. Take a look at who took responsibility.

This is the worst, but…free speech and all that. Hollywood values on display here. Theo Spark has a photo that comes with a warning. Don’t blame me if you choose to click this link, but you do need to know about it – send the kids away from your computer monitor. I’m grateful for these crass idiots. They’re proving our case that adults who never grew up think they’re in charge.

Chick-fil-A Kiss In Distraction: Verbal Attacks on Man Reading Bible (video)

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